'split second' competition

submission for split second competition


1. 1

"WHAM! The blast knocked me off my feet. I slammed down hard on my back, onto the floor. Winded, I lay there, stunned. What was happening? My ears began to stop ringing, but the horrid hubbub of terrified screaming and frantic yells substituted it. I lay back in awe as the screams roared and before long, panic striven smashing came from the other side of the loose heavy door.

I continued to lay back, due to the shock of the surprise explosion, the smashing did not stop. In the background was the crackling racket of nearby flames which I assumed was upstairs. As I lay on my back, looking upward toward heaven, I noticed the ceiling was becoming loose. Heaps of dust rained upon my head as I stared blankly in terror, the regular and petrifying stomping made it worse and seemed to give it a deathly rhythm.

By this point, I knew it was time to stand. I stumbled onto my feet and limped toward my window where I witnessed true horror. Along the street, many buildings had collapsed and littered rubble haphazardly across the pavement. Pedestrians sprinted aimlessly in all directions as distant bangs sounded further and further away. In the barely visible landscape I noticed another building crash down, this time falling sideways and onto its neighbour. This collapse caused a roar which pierced my ears causing me to restrain myself from looking any further. I rotated and distinguished that the frantic smacking on my door had ended, but I instead heard a similar noise down the hall.

I was aware of the danger I was facing. I knew that leaving this building was crucial in my survival of this horrific disaster. Due to this realisation, I sped for the closest door and ripped it open violently, the force almost made it fall off completely. Before thinking I charged toward the overly populated staircase and joined in a journey for the exit. I was being pushed from all directions and felt as if I were in an stormy ocean and the people were the waves.

as we reached the wide exit doors, we funnelled unsystematically through them. Instantly I turned away from the crowd once I had managed to force myself enough room. I swung myself right and escaped the sure death which I would have experienced. in pure fear I ran a couple of yards before collapsing myself in a heap onto the ground. I curled myself into a ball and shuffled into a nearby alley, between one collapsed building and my own former apartment block.

Beside me sat a cardboard box and a empty bottle of scotch will lay sideways and created an irritating and cacophonous sound as rolled slowly from left to right. I was to shocked to stop the noise and continued to sit in a ball and attempt to fight my tears which seemed to invade my heartbroken face. 'What was happening?' I pondered before looking up from my ball of tranquillity. I stared breifly down the darkness of the alley in search of a more concealed position. I could see almost nothing, except rubble and bent pieces of shrapnel from the initial blasts. I continued to stare, until I noticed an unfamiliar figure wandering in the darkness.

I curled inward and held my breath in order to be as quiet as possible. The figure seemed suspicious and i did not wish to disturb it yet. It rummaged loudly around the piles of rubble and shrapnel, tossing pieces angrily around in rage. The figure rapidly turned, frighteningly and suddenly, then stepped speedily toward my direction.

the figure suddenly emerged from the darkness and noticed me. It was a middle aged woman, with thick hair and a long bushy beard, wearing formal clothing, which had become dusted a ripped. The man wore a nametag which read 'Nat' and had a small and old picture of him with a different style of hair and colour. I gasped, before asking the man who he was and why he had been throwing around the remains of the nearby building. He just stared before stepping closer toward me, staring me deep in the eyes. I asked again before he answered hesitantly, "Don't worry, I'm just looking for something". I did not believe him, but felt inclined to do so. I was desperate to discover the truth about this horrific incident. Distant screaming could still be heard in the distance, I responded with sheer repulsion at the noise, but he maintained him deathly glare.

"What happened?" I chanced a question at the man, in hope that he would break the stare and shatter the awkward silence within the gloomy alley. He shrugged and I emerged from my ball, rosing to my feet. I was angry and demanded answers. "What happened?" I demanded, shoving my finger in his pale face. This surprised him as he broke the stare, I felt satisfaction over the surprising feet and continued my pointing. With a creepy smile which churned my stomach in horror he replied: "Fine, I'll tell you.

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