Is it Love?

Jocelyn has always felt something missing in her life, but couldn't find out what it was; She had an amazing best friend, loving parents, and she was going to see her all-time favorite band in concert; One Direction! At the concert will something happen that will fill the hole in her life for good?


1. Birthday

"So, what do you want for your special day, Jocelyn?" My best friend Brooklyn asked. "One Direction tickets!" I exclaimed "Just kidding. How about..." I thought for a minute and said "One of those weird talking Magic 8-balls?" "Done." She said with a smile. She was always saying that she'd pay for things like it was no big deal. I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself; Well, my name is Jocelyn Carter and tomorrow I'm 18. My best friend's name is Brooklyn and she was my sister in so many ways. I went on my phone and laughed; I forgot I had set the cutest person in the world as my wallpaper; Zayn Malik. "What?" Brook asked, looking over curiously. "Nothing, it's great would it be to meet One Direction?" She laughed and said, "You know...we just might come face-to-face with those cuties very soon!" I tried to make sense of what she said, but couldn't. "You're spending the night, right?" I asked, giving up on her confusing words. "Duh! It's your birthday tomorrow! Besides, it's already 11:45pm" I looked at the clock and blushed. "Let's go to bed, then. If you think I'm gonna deal with a cranky birthday girl, think again." We laughed and got into bed. I fell asleep reminiscing about tomorrow. "WAKE-UP!!!!!" That's what I got to wake up to; Lucky me. I opened my eyes to a bright-eyed Brook, fully dressed. "How long have you been up?" I asked. "Hours! I had to get up early to get your presents." I caught the plural. "Oh no! I am not accepting more than one present." I said. She got down on her knees and begged. "PLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSEEE?!" "Fine!" I agreed. "Yay! You get one now and one later." She said while handing me a small silver box. I opened it eagerly; It was the talking magic 8-ball! "Thanks Brooklyn!" "No prob. Now lets see if this thing really works." We wasted a good half hour playing with it, before I decided to get ready. We went out and shopped for the rest of the day. When we got back to my apartment, it was already 10:56 (we had left at 11:00am). We laid out all the clothes we got and nodded satisfactorily at our results. "Hey Brook?" I asked. She looked up from her pink dress. "Yes?" "Have you asked your parents about moving in yet?" "I almost forgot!" She yelled "I asked them yesterday, and they said no. JUST KIDDING! They said yes!!!!!!" Yay! My best friend and I were going to be room-mates! Brook ran out of the room and came back with something behind her back. "Yet another surprise!" She said. She seemed really excited as she handed me my second present of the day. It was a thin package. When I opened it, I screamed. Brook quickly put her hand over my mouth smiling. "Glad you like it." She said. "WE'RE GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION IN CONCERT??????!!!!!!! How could I not like it?!" I smiled. Thank you so much Brook!" I hugged her.

A/N: Hey guys! I'll try not to do too many author's notes, but please, tell me what you think so far!


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