Summer Day (boyxboy)

Ritsu meets a nice boy that makes his world go round


3. Chapter 3

Teto left home and I had to walk by myself it was still morning. Everyone was still outside enjoying the sun I kept thinking about him I wish I knew his name.

"Excuse me" someone said as I was looking down at my phone.

I looked up and I couldn't believe what I say it was him. I don't know what he is going to ask I am shaking inside.

"Do you know where Bobby's skate shop is?" He said to me.....yes me.

"It is down the street then go to the right" I said smiling.

"Thanks" he said about to walk away.

"Wait....what is your name" I said stopping him.

"My name is Len" he said looking at me then smirking.

"L-len" I said surprised.

" it bad" he said frowning his eyebrows.

"N-no it is....I love it" I said blushing a little.

He laughed.

"It is ok.....what is your name" he said laughing.

"I am Ritsu" I said putting my hand on my chest.

"I like that name" he said smirking.

I blushed really hard and I know he could see it.

"I am only makes girls blush" he said really quiet.

I gasped.

"I-I am a g-guy" I said being embarrassed.

"Where a guy" he said really surprised.

I nodded playing with my fingers.

"I am sorry" he said hugging me.

He just hugged me out of no where he made me blush even more. I am one embarrassed and one surprised that he is hugging me. He let go and waved at me and skated away I laughed and continued walking home.

Sorry so short.......very sorry I will make the next one longer if I can

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