Summer Day (boyxboy)

Ritsu meets a nice boy that makes his world go round


2. Chapter 2

I walked home with Teto and we saw the same boy walking with some other boys they all had tans and they all had abs and everything a surfer boy will have. We walked pass them and I couldn't help but stare at him but I had to knock back to reality.

"Ritsu I have been calling you" Teto said hitting my arm.

I looked at her and smiled.

"Yes" I said to her.

"Stop staring at them boys and pay attention you were about to hit a pole" Teto said.

I laughed and continued walking with her. The sun was very hot and I needed shade.

"Want to go get some frozen yogurt" Teto said walking to the shade.

"Sure" I said patting.

We walked into the air conditioned store and we both sat down and then Teto got up.

"Come one Ritsu" she said calmly.

I got up and walked to the different sections of yogurt. I got the combination of Mango and Pineapple(I had this before) Teto got only mango we walked to the topping section and I got some gummy bears and some sprinkles and Teto got gummy worms, skittles, whip cream and gummy bears. We went back to our seat and eat our frozen yogurt.

"Excuse me Madame you need to pay for those" the lady said walking to us.

Teto looked at her and toke out the spoon in her mouth.

"How much is it" she said after she ate the yogurt in her mouth.

"2 dollars" she said to Teto.

Teto grabbed her purse and toke out to dollars.

"Here you go" Teto said smiling.

She gave the money to the woman and the lady went off. I couldn't help but keep thinking about him I don't even know his name. I looked out the window and saw him skate down the street with his skateboard he still had no shirt on. He grabbed his hair and pulled it back and the hair sprung back up.

"Ritsu stop staring" Teto said hitting me with a spoon.

I looked at her and she looked at me.

"Stop staring at boys" she said rudely.

"What about Rook" I said smirking.

She blushed and then looked angry at me.

"What do you mean" she said concurred.

I laughed.

"Teto I was kidding" I said laughing.

She groaned and continued eating her food.

"Shut up" Teto said looking away from me.

I laughed and got up to throw my cup away. She did the same thing and we walked out the restaurant.

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