Summer Day (boyxboy)

Ritsu meets a nice boy that makes his world go round


1. Chapter 1

Today was a good day to run around the beach and enjoy the sun and maybe meet somebody I like. I have a really pretty two piece outfit I am a cross dresser so I wear woman clothes it is more comfortable. I wore a wavy shirt and a skirt on top of my bikini. I walked out my door and locked it I walked to the beach even though I have a car I wanted to walk.

"Hello Ritsu" Teto said wearing her bikini.

"Hey" I said smiling.

Me and her walked to the beach and sat down near the water. She took out her phone and texted someone. But then a football fell on us I hit the side of my beach chair. A really cute guy ran to us he had a six pack and had blond hair he was running towards us.

"I am so sorry" He said worried.

"It is ok" Teto said to him.

I admired his body he looked at me and stared in my eyes I looked back at him.

"You have my ball" he said pointing at the ball in my lap.

"Oh" I said awkwardly.

I gave him the ball and he ran off.

"Did you see him" I said to Teto.

"Nah I saw a brick" she said with sarcasm.

"He was cute" I said smiling.

"Your a boy Ritsu" Teto said looking at me.

"And" I said shrugging my shoulders.

"If you like him I don't care" she said looking back at the ocean.

I don't care if I am a boy he was very cute but I do think i am a girl sense I wear and talk and have everything a girl has but I can think me and him will be a really great couple

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