You read my diary?

Right so picture this,your being all sneaky like,but want to remember every second,so you keep a diary,but your mum finds it and finds out everything!


2. introduction

Leah's POV:

Right,so it's been a week since me and Ellie got back from Paris. Me and Liam are going extremely well! We've kept in contact and skype everyday. I miss him. A lot. He tells me after they've finished there tour he will come back for me.

Ellie and Niall have also kept in touch. There going good to. I would also skype louis every once in a while to. I missed Lou,I missed all the boys,they were like my family.

I read the diary,I kept with me while I was with the boys,every night. Remembering everything that happened...

But what I didn't know was mum read my diary.

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