You read my diary?

Right so picture this,your being all sneaky like,but want to remember every second,so you keep a diary,but your mum finds it and finds out everything!


5. DayTwo

Tuesday 6th July 2014.


I stayed at 'the boys' yes the boys! ONE DIRECTIONS apartment last night!

Louis organised our rooms. I stayed in a room with louis Tomlinson,yes the louis Tomlinson,harry styles and Liam Payne.

I never thought I'd be close to liam,but ever since truth or dares me and him were the closest.

It was so easy to love these boys,I already think I'm falling for one...

Not only did me and liam share a bed but Me and Liam kissed last night... AHHH!



Right so my daughter,has not only shared a bed with a boy on the first night of meeting them but she's also kissed him! What else is Leah not telling me?

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