You read my diary?

Right so picture this,your being all sneaky like,but want to remember every second,so you keep a diary,but your mum finds it and finds out everything!


10. DaySeven.

Let's re tell my birthday properly as it was the best day in Paris!

This may contain... Everything.

I woke up to everyone singing 'happy birthday' to me. I smiled. "Can I go back to sleep now?" I asked closing my eyes again. Next think I new louis picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Lou put me down!" I screamed punching his bare back. "Fine!" He yelled throwing me on the sofa. "Now get up!" He smiled jumping on top of me.

He only had boxers on so I took the oppitunity to slap his arse.hard."awwwwwww!" He screamed. "Now get the fuck off me" I whispered in his ear. "Don't tease me lee" he smirked. I laughed and pushed him off me.

Okay now let's skip to the good bit.

"Birthday presents!" Ellie screamed. "No I don't want fuck all!" I screamed. "Tough" Ellie laughed. Niall gave me his present first,I opened it,inside was a charm that said friend. I looked at him confused, he then held up best on his keys. "Thanks I love it" I smiled hugging him and kissing him on the cheek. Ellie gave me a charm bracelet witch I attached Nialls charm to. Harry gave me a 'his onzie' and liam a 'hers' we both laughed. zayn and perry got me frame saying 'best friends forever and always' with a picture if everyone in. I thanked them.

Louis was next. He pulled out a black box from his pocket and smiled. I opened the box,in side were little pink diamond ear rings. I smiled. "Thanks Lou love you" he kissed my cheek "love you to lee" last but not least was Liam. He got me roses and chocolates,and a half a heart necklace saying something on the back,I looked "Liam an for" I questioned. He laughed and pulled out the other half from his pocket and connected them together. "Liam and Leah forever and always" I read out loud. I hugged him and kissed him slow and passionately. "I've also got a few more surprises" he whispered in my ear after putting my necklace on me. "Mmm can I have them now?" I laughed. "Kean... I like it" he smirked. I kissed him and sat back down with everyone.


I turned the page to find screen shots of twitter messages,I carried on reading.

@harry_styles : happy birthday @xoleahlynchox Love you! *picture attached (Lou and him kissing my cheek)

@real_liam_payne : happy birthday to my beautiful @xoleahlynchox love you! *picture attached. (Me sleeping him kissing my head)*

@zaynmalik : happy birthday @xoleahlynchox lots of love

@louis_tomlinson : happy birthday to the bestfriend @xoleahlynchox much love!

@perrieedwards: happy birthday @xoleahlynchox

@niallofficial : happy birthday lee lee @xoleahlynchox

@xoelliewoodox : happy birthday to my bestest friend in the whole world,love you babe(: @xoleahlynchox

@real_liam_payne : taking the missus out for her birthday(: @xoleahlynchox

@xoleahlynchox : thanks for all the birthday messages and presents. Getting treated out tonight<3 @real_liam_payne


How adorable,I turned the page again.

Liam led me over to a patch under the Eiffel Tower. There was a picnic basket and blanket laid down He had also arranged candles spread out around us, there was a rose in the middle of the table,it was set up perfectly.

I stopped for a moment. "What's wrong?" He asked confused. "I love you!" I said jumping on him. He wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me to our area. We laid down looking at the stars. We fed each other chocolate covered strawberries,and cuddled close. Now was the time.

"Listen Leah,I know I haven't known you long,but I don't care,the first times we met it was pretty awkward,but when we were about to have our first kiss I got butterflies in my tummy,I don't usually get that with a girl,when we kissed i felt like there was fireworks exploding everywhere,I'm just trying to say I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?" He said.

I looked at him. I shuffled closer to him on my knees. I pushed him down to the ground and kissed him deeply. "Is that a yes?" He asked in between breaths. I nodded and hugged him. Whoop whoop it's official!

-Leah x


This boy really did know how to treat my girl. I wish Leah told me herself though.

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