You read my diary?

Right so picture this,your being all sneaky like,but want to remember every second,so you keep a diary,but your mum finds it and finds out everything!


12. DayNine.

Ellie pulled out her camera and took a picture. She edited it writing all our names above our feet then posting it on twitter.

@xoelliewoodox : what a coincidence aha!x @xoleahlynchox @real_liam_payne @niallofficial

@xoleahlynchox : @xoelliewoodox our feet look tiny compared to the boys :D @real_liam_payne and @niallofficial must have huge feet :o x

@real_liam_payne : I certainly do not @xoleahlynchox your feet are just tiny babe:Dx

@xoleahlynchox : don't tease me :| @real_liam_payne

@real_liam_payne : sorry baby(: xxx

Okay nothing to bad,but she's not getting out if having sex with Liam Payne! I won't allow my daughter to be a whore!

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