You read my diary?

Right so picture this,your being all sneaky like,but want to remember every second,so you keep a diary,but your mum finds it and finds out everything!


11. DayEight

I turned the page to find a condom packet and a long description. I was shocked and so angry.

I kissed him gently,his lips were warm,he kissed me back instantly,I tugged at his bottom lip, he tugged at my t-shirt,after a few more times he managed to get it off. He layed down on the bed bringing me with him,still kissing me. He rolled over so He was now on top of me. He kissed me everywhere,giving me love bites everywhere. I traced his tattoos with my fingers,he pulled my knickers off,I put my hand in his boxers grabbing his length in my hand moving my hand across it. He moaned. He unclipped my bra. I pulled his boxers off,he grabbed a condom out his draw and put it on. "You sure?" He smiled. I nodded. He kissed me a few times before he entered me. It hurt at first, then we picked up a rhythm and we kept at the paste. We both moaned a lot. He kissed me a few times before we realised. He nuzzled his nose into my neck. We hugged each other tight,and fell asleep like this.


How could she have sex with a complete stranger,that's now her boyfriend! I am more angry than ever now.

I turned the page and kept reading.

I could see why she didn't tell me.

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