The JAM Session

It all started with me. Only sister of Zayn Malik, Jazmine Zaara Thompson. Just a girl with big dreams and a world full of imagination. Jazmine Thompson is not just a regular girl. She may have loads of friends and crushes just like every other teenager, but she feels as if she's missing out. That something big is supposed to happen to her on a coming up day... There's going to be ups and down throughout it all. Fights will break out when she gives The X Factor a shot. But not only in the second round she gets eliminated, she gets brought back and has to be in a girl group with two other girls and she also has has a secret admirer on her hands. Shes confused about her true feelings for him as it is one of her closest best mates. As well, it will cause many disasters if her career takes off. As they say, life is like a box of chocolates; you never what you'll get or when it'll happen or even what's around the corner. But she doesn't know where life will take her, she just sits and waits it out. (One direction is in most of the story but not the main idea, but trust me they are in it, once you get to Chapter Five...ENJOY!!! And she has a different last name for a'll see...)


1. The JAM Session



Jazmine + Monique + Anya = A Bramuda Triangle of madness, heartbreak, and major fights.

But what they don't understand is that you have to get through the bad problems, before you get to the worse.

It is always, always, worse before it gets better.


Jazmine Zaara Thompson.

Just a regular girl.

A girl with no problems until IT happens and a girl who's simply carefree, who has nothing to worry about.


Monique Casididy Lattimore.

A girl who's up-tight and is very popular, a girl simply glides her way up to the highest popular status in school without even trying.

A girl who gets asked out to every single dance and just for no reason. But she turns them down this way and that. Until this one special boy she's had her eyes on for while now, gives it a shot. And she lets him into her heart likes she's never been loved before. They've been together for three years now and they still love each other from the deep down. Caspian Lloyd is his name.


Anya Raini Scorch.

A mysterious girl who doesn't talk much.

She's shy but observes everything around her.

She's good at making friends but no one even tries to get to know her.

Everyone thinks she a freak because she's not sociable.

Some people even call her Zayn Malik's twin. She never responds to this because there is a secret held between that nickname. Maybe they've known each other? I don't know... They could be secretly dating. They could be far away relatives. Close relatives. Maybe even worst enemies.


And as Zayn Malik usually says, and I quote:

Life is like a rollarcoaster.

There's many twists and turns during the way.

Many obstacles you have to face.


AUTHORS NOTE: was this a good BLURB or no. I'm not being funny or anything, I really wanna know your opinions and whatnot.

Oh and by the way, yes One Direction are little in this fanfic, but they are NOT the main conflict. They do become friends with the former people up above.


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