The JAM Session

It all started with me. Only sister of Zayn Malik, Jazmine Zaara Thompson. Just a girl with big dreams and a world full of imagination. Jazmine Thompson is not just a regular girl. She may have loads of friends and crushes just like every other teenager, but she feels as if she's missing out. That something big is supposed to happen to her on a coming up day... There's going to be ups and down throughout it all. Fights will break out when she gives The X Factor a shot. But not only in the second round she gets eliminated, she gets brought back and has to be in a girl group with two other girls and she also has has a secret admirer on her hands. Shes confused about her true feelings for him as it is one of her closest best mates. As well, it will cause many disasters if her career takes off. As they say, life is like a box of chocolates; you never what you'll get or when it'll happen or even what's around the corner. But she doesn't know where life will take her, she just sits and waits it out. (One direction is in most of the story but not the main idea, but trust me they are in it, once you get to Chapter Five...ENJOY!!! And she has a different last name for a'll see...)


3. Chapter One

Chapter One


Jazmine's POV I'm walking down the school hallway, my black SUPRAS skidding across the floor. They have silver studs on them with one zipper on each shoe, black shoelaces, and a Velcro strap on each. I have my hands inside the pockets of my black super skinny jeans, talking to random people along the way. To match with it, I'm wearing a gold belt, a gold t-shirt and a black leather biker jacket to go over. My hair is curly and long and is tip-dyed an auburn type color. It is all swooped over my right shoulder, a black and silver skull and crossbones clip in my hair to keep my side bangs out of my face.

I continue to walk down the hall, when I'm gently but harshly at the same time, pushed up against the lockers.

"Oh, ha-ha. Well if it isn't Dylan McCann," I say nonchalantly. I look him straight in the eye. "The dirt bag, who always comes rolling around the hallway, like the little tumbleweed you are."

"Hey," he says calmly, slowly closing the gap between us. I can feel his member rubbing against me.

"Lets not get feisty. We'll make this easy: we French kiss and you do my French homework. Perfect match, don't cha think?"

"No way, Flat-Face!" I spit in his face, putting my hands on his chest. "Now get off, I can feel your...thing, rubbing against me!"

"Oh you like that, ha?" He jokes.

"No! It's actually very unpleasant!"

"Well I think it feels quite delightful."

"If you don't get away from me, so help me I will-"

"*sigh* back off jerk-face!" Ben Bishop says walking over to us, his hand in his blue and black basketball shorts and black black/grey VANS. A plain black shirt with it.

"Uhh, I was just leavin'," Dylan says.

"Leavin', what?" Ben replies.

"Leavin', sir."

"Well, what're ya waitin for?! SCEEDATLE!!!" Dylan steps away from me and starts running down the hall, dodging in and out of people.

"Haha, thanks BB!" I walk over to him and give him a huge bear hug. Dylan was scared because, Ben is kinda the bad boy but quite the joker at the same time. But you know when he really likes you as a friend or whatever when he looks after you like how he did for me. We're best buds!

"You're welcome, Jaz. Hey," BB leans against the wall with one hand, one foot crossed over the other. "I was always wondering why you call me BB, like what does it mean. Does it mean my name?"

"Uhhh, sure," I lie. It actually stands for Bubble Butt, because he has a big but. Simple. "Yea, that's it! Haha-ha...ha..." At this school, we give everyone nicknames. Mine are JT, JayJay, Jaz, Jazzi, Skully, Jiggy, Jiggy-Jazzi, Zaara or Ashley.

"Oh okay." He says. "Hey I was wondering if you could sit next to me in math class. Don't worry, I don't wanna cheat from you. I just need you to help me, to find a easier way for me to understand."

"Haha, sure. See ya in 1st Period!" I walk away and start heading to my HomeRoom class.


I sit down in my seat in the third column, last row. My friends are already here. Alexa (Lexidy) Murillo sits in the second column, last row. And next to her, in the first column, last row, sits Emily (Emmy) Patton. Sitting in the last row, last column, next to me is, Charity (Charakeet) Gonzalez.

In front of me is Kyle (Kylie-Wylie) Coulter then Rheanna Patel then Caroline Willis then Shy Davenport then Scott (ScottyP) Davidson then Holden Harrell.

In front of Charity is Dylan McCann then Prashasth (Prasha-sha)Udgiri then Zach Bollinger then Victoria Brown then Breanna Corollo then Angelina (shy girl) Cashman then Matthew DeShong.

In front of Alexa is Garrett (Farrett/ my birth twin) Franco then Christian Fisher then Bhavana Devi Kancharla then Sarah Holland then Isabella Keating then Kyle Nelson then Sheyla Niño.

In front of Emily is Colby (Colbster) Haynes then Maleki (Mordecai) Lockett then Davis Moye then Connor (CW) Wood then Connor Howard then Collin Richardson then Greg (Blue-Eyes/Gregy/Mr.B) Begun.

On my way to my desk, I'm stopped by Connor W. "Hey, Jadadama!" "Haha, hey Connorma!" I reply. When I'm getting ready to continue my journey, I see Greg looking at me from the corner of my eye so I walk over to him.

"Hey Blue-Eyes! How're you doin'?"

"Good. Hey I was wondering uhh," he starts to stutter. "If you wanted to come to my house after school to study."

"Uhh but what do we have to study for?" I ask, puzzled.

"Nothing. No reason. Uhh- just for fun? Ya?"

"Okay sure but I can't walk with you cuz I have to go home first to feed my dog."

"Oh okay. Wait, you never told me you have a dog."

"Yea his name is Chewy."

"Cool. I-"

"Class if you may take your seats!" Mrs. Foster announces.

"Hey give me your address real quick!" I whisper while crouching low so Mrs. Foster won't see me but it doesn't work.

"Jazmine,...please take your seat." She calls out. Greg quickly writes down his address plus his cell number.

"Thanks." I tell him I'll see him at HomeRoom at the end of the day since we have no periods together and we don't have the same lunch period. The teacher then does the attendance for each row and we all say 'here':

First Column; 1-7th Row

Greg Begun

Collin Richardson

Connor Howard

Connor Wood

Davis Moye

Maleki Lockett

Colby Haynes

Second Column; 1-7th Row

Sheyla Niño

Kyle Nelson

Isabella Keating

Sarah Holland

Bhavana Devi Kancharla

Christian Fisher

Garrett Franco

Alexa Murillo

Third Column; 1-7th Row

Holden Harrell

Scott Davidson

Shy Davenport

Caroline Willis

Rheanna Patel

Kyle Coulter

Jazmine Thompson

Forth Column; 1-7th Row

Matthew DeShong

Angelina Cashman

Breanna Corollo

Victoria Brown

Zach Bollinger

Prashasth Udgiri

Dylan McCann

Charity Gonzalez

I then said here when she calls my name and think about what would happen at Greg's house; if we would actually study. In movies they always end up kissing or whatever.

But whatever happens, I'll just be happy he invited me.

Inside, there is a metal stick 'ponging' against a tower bell, it represents my heart.

'Bum bum, bum bum'

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