Summer Love

Sabrina Lacrane moved to Florida, Miami. Searching for a new life. One day going though the beach she ran into something or should i say someone. What if it was someone famous, a famous country singer. Will it be true love? Or is it not ment to be.


2. Teaser.

 running in the beach ."

thinking to myself that I'm in a new life .

"Ahh." i screamed when I fell.

"Are you okay?" i heard a man say sounded like 25 ish.

"Yeah im fine don't worry." I said as i looked into his eyes.

"I'm Luke Bryan."

"I'm Sabrina Lecrane."

"Do you want to get a coffee its fine if you don't want to i was just wondering." Luke said nerves.

"I would love to."

"Come on lets go to the best one in town then."


That's how it all started, i never knew we would be so close.

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