Burning Gold-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech and Jax Parka. The winners of the 67th Hunger Games are back. This year, they are thrown back into the Games, not to fight victors, but to fight better and stronger fighters. The only thing is; this year, it is undecided if everyone shall live or perish in The Arena.
(Sequel to The 67th Hunger Games)


8. 8

"Hello?" I ask, as I walk into the dark room.

"Hello! I'm in here!" I hear Kiar's voice in the wardrobe so I jog over, holding my robe.

"Here I am," I smile.

"Alright. No more gold for you. It's District 2."

"That's what I thought!" I interrupt.

"So I made you this!" He holds up a dark blue dress, with two pearls at the top. It also has my pin on it. My pin! I knew it!

"So you had it!" I smile.

"Yes. Now get dressed you worthless thing," Kiar throws the dress at me. I sigh and walk out of the wardrobe and change into the dress. I also find a pair of blue heels sitting near me. Kiar comes back over.

"Wear them!" He exclaims.

"I'm only seventeen!" I object.

"And? You'll look gorgeous!" I give in, and slip the heels on.

"Oh... They're comfy."

"Of course. Come on. I suppose I've gotta do your makeup. Correct?"


He puts a blue lipstick on me and dark green eyeshadow on. Perfect!

"You need a new name Cyanna," Kiar sighs.

"I'm. I'm The Girl of Water!"

"Yes! The Girl of Water!"

"Woohoo for me,"

"Are you ready?" He asks.

"Yes," Kiar takes my hand and we walk outside, to our horses and chariot. I see Jax, standing on the chariot. She is wearing a a dress with lightning bolts on it. It suits her, with the moonlight making it shimmer.

"Jax, you look great!" I exclaim.

"Thanks. You too!" She replies.

"Jax , I've been told this year there is no people from District 3 and 4, because you and I are representing them. OK?"

"OK, great."

"Enough chatting! Get on the chariot!" Teases Jax's stylist, who I don't know the name of.

"What's her name?" I whisper to Jax, as we climb up onto the chariot.

"Destiny." She tells me.


"We have to go to the Training Centre early in the morning," Biram reminds us, "So you need a good sleep!"

"I know. I'm pretty sure Stafftip told me." I reply.

"Great. Well, off you go! District 2 is at the end now,"

Our horses set off down the track, and Jax and I wave to everyone screaming out our names.

"Here is District 3 and 4, Cyanna Harlech and Jax Parka! Looking AMAZING!" Caesar Flickermans voice is heard around.

Our horses stop at the end, and I take a moment to look at the other tributes. On some of their chariots it says their names. But I can only remember a few, because there is too much screaming.

District 5- Harim and Caural.

District 7- Riam and Stark.

District 10- Cealie and Dearla.

That's all I can remember. They all have very strange names, except for Stark. I'm pretty sure I've heard that name before, when I was younger. When President Snow has finished talking, Jax and I hop off our chariot and go see our mentors. I hardly say a word, because of how tired I am and I just want to go to sleep.

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