Burning Gold-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech and Jax Parka. The winners of the 67th Hunger Games are back. This year, they are thrown back into the Games, not to fight victors, but to fight better and stronger fighters. The only thing is; this year, it is undecided if everyone shall live or perish in The Arena.
(Sequel to The 67th Hunger Games)


3. 3

Questions, fire and some of my district turning on me. Now there's another question. Why? The answer of that question will be the answer behind all the questions. I haven't told anyone in my family, nor Jax, on what I think about it and the questions. A lot goes on in my mind. Now life is a lot harder, since our new house has burnt down!

"Cyanna?" Pearls voice interrupts my thoughts.

"Yes Pearl?" I ask with a sigh.

"You don't seem like Cyanna."

"I'm fine..."

"You sure?"

"Yes Pearl!" Pearl hugs me tight and with a smile I hug her back. Then, she runs off.

"Of course I'm not fine Pearl. You wouldn't know what it's like in my mind," I mutter, and she never will. After being in The Hunger Games, my mind had changed the way it thinks. I get up and wipe the ashes from my trousers since I've been sitting on the burnt house. A tear escapes my eye and I shake my head and wipe it away.

"I'm so sorry.." Whispers Jax to me.

"It's ok," I reply. It's not.

"Where'll you live?"

"I'm not sure... Hopefully still in the Victors Village,"

"Cyanna!" A familiar voice calls out and I look over to my left.

"Stafftip!" I smile and he runs over to me.

"Hello. I guess you've got two mentors now!" Stafftip grins.

"Oh that's what my mentor told me," pipes in Jax.

"Yes, I'm sure Biram told you. That's your mentor right?" I ask her.

"Yes. And there she is now." Jax points to a slim lady, with dark hair and green eyes running over to Jax and pulling her into a hug.

"Hello!" Biram exclaims with a thick accent, not from anywhere I know.

"Hello." I reply.

"Biram! Didn't think you'd come," laughs Stafftip.

"Well I did,"

"Let me just interrupt please. Why are you two here?" I ask.

"We thought it'd be nice to say hello, since we haven't seen you both after you were getting fixed up in the hospital," Biram answers.

"Oh.." Jax sighs.

Questions, fire, district turning on me and now mentors seeing us? There is definitely something going on...

(It's a little short sorry)

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