Burning Gold-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech and Jax Parka. The winners of the 67th Hunger Games are back. This year, they are thrown back into the Games, not to fight victors, but to fight better and stronger fighters. The only thing is; this year, it is undecided if everyone shall live or perish in The Arena.
(Sequel to The 67th Hunger Games)


16. 16

Harim grabs a knife and pins me to the ground, making me unable to move my hands.

"Cyanna," she begins, with innocent eyes,"you killed Dearla. She was a great friend of mine. Now you will pay for what you've done so I guess this is when you die! Looks like you won't win this year,"

"And you won't too." I shoot back.

"How do you know? I'll just kill you now anyway." She holds the knife against my forehead.

"I'll kill you how we killed Riam," she smiles and with the knife, cuts a line into my cheek and blood rushes down. This is not how I will die. She is just about to cut into my skull when something strong grabs her and pulls her off me. I take a big breath and know all the blood rushing down my cheek.

Harim begins to scream loudly but is soon shut up and I see blood trickle out of her mouth. Her cannon fires and Caudral is lucky enough to run off. I look up and see Stark standing there.

"Stark?" I croak.

"You're welcome. Let's get back to Jax," I see blood on his sword and it makes me cringe on how I think he killed Harim.

We walk to where Jax is playing with her pack.

"Cyanna! How did you...?" I point at Stark. I don't know why I didn't say anything, but I didn't. I grab my pack and take out the pack of rolls. I take one and so does Jax and Stark.

"Thank you Stark," I say after a while of silence.

"I didn't want to let you die!" He replies, chuckling.

"I'm going to sleep," Jax yawns.

"OK. Goodnight," I reply.

Jax wriggles under her sleeping bag and I sigh, thinking of Pearl. Stark turns to me and says he's also going to sleep. I agree and settle in my sleeping bag. I'm not falling asleep tonight. I can't. With my cheek bleeding, and Jax's burnt leg I can't sleep. I need to look after our wounds and I can't afford to let Jax die. I promised her mother. If she does die, I'll die.

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