Burning Gold-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech and Jax Parka. The winners of the 67th Hunger Games are back. This year, they are thrown back into the Games, not to fight victors, but to fight better and stronger fighters. The only thing is; this year, it is undecided if everyone shall live or perish in The Arena.
(Sequel to The 67th Hunger Games)


11. 11

I walk out onto stage, with people screaming, clapping and whistling. I inhale as I sit down next to Caesar and he says something, but everything is too loud, I can't hear him.

"What?" I ask.

He laughs and so does the audience and they settle down. "I said, how does it feel going back in The Games?" Caesar repeats.

"It's scary. Horrible. Especially with Jax. I promised everyone I will keep her alive,"

"Yes, you will do a great job. You can! We believe in you, don't we?" The crowd just screams in reply, some people oblivious of what is going on.

"Kiar and Stafftip are great," I sigh.

"Oh! Speaking of Kiar, how about you show us your dress?"

"Oh, sure," I stand up and tap the belt with my finger, as the 'water' looks like it's flowing. I sit back down.

"Wow! Lovely! Anyway.... Who are your allies this year?"

"Riam. Stark. Jax."

"Very nice. Very nice. Last question. Who are you winning for?"

"My mother and sister."

"We wish you luck." Is all he says and I stand up and walk off, to Stafftip, Kiar, Destiny, Neddie, Biram and Jax.

"Well done! Both of you!" Neddie squeals.

"Thank you," I smile. I look away from the chatting group, to see the girl from District 10, Dearla, watching me carefully. I shoot her a look and turn back to the group.

"The Games are tomorrow!" Exclaims Destiny, sounding shaky.

"I-I know..." Biram sounds shaky too.

"I'm going to bed." I mutter and walk down the hallways to the elevator and press the button that says D4&3. It shoots up into the air and I walk into my room when it stops. I take my pin off the dress and put it on my outfit for The Games. I change into, what looks like, old clothing and jump into bed closing my eyes.

Dreaming of Carter. The person from my district. I killed him. Thankfully we're in a new arena... I don't want to think of him, or the knife that killed him.

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