Burning Gold-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech and Jax Parka. The winners of the 67th Hunger Games are back. This year, they are thrown back into the Games, not to fight victors, but to fight better and stronger fighters. The only thing is; this year, it is undecided if everyone shall live or perish in The Arena.
(Sequel to The 67th Hunger Games)


1. 1

I watch Pearl run about with Jax outside in the snow. I sink back into the chair near the door and take a deep breath. I'm still scared. Scared of The Arena. After Jax and I won and moved to the Victor's Village with our families, it seems like things have changed. Ever since I killed Carter District 4 has been... Quieter? Maybe they wanted Carter to win, and not me. That doesn't matter now though, because after all, he's gone.

"Cyanna!" Pearl calls out. I sigh and get out of the small chair and jog over to hear.

"Yes Pearl?"

"Jax's mother has something for you. I think you should check it out,"

"Alright, I'll be back soon!" I smile at Pearl and Jax, and walk off to Jax's house. Now it feels like I have two twelve year old sisters, and I love it. I arrive at Jax's house and knock on the wooden door and her smiling mother opens it.

"Hello Cyanna."

"Hello," I take a small pause, "Pearl said you had something for me?"

"Oh, yes! Come in, come in," I walk inside with her.

"Thank you," I say, "It's cold out there,"

"Mmm. I know, anyway. Thank you so much for keeping Jax alive in The Games,"

"You're welcome," I smile.

"You saved her by taking that knife in your leg. That was aimed at her,"

"Oh... I didn't know that,"

"Your little sister was right. I do have something for you!" Jax's mother walks into a room and comes back a few minutes later. She passes me a small box, and I open it.

"It's lovely!" I hug her. It's a little locket, with my crown on it, with photos of my family and I and a photo of Jax and her family.

"You're welcome. My husband made it for you. A little something to say thank you,"

"I think I better get going,"

"Yes. Bye Cyanna!"

"Goodbye!" I call, as I shut the door and carefully put the locket on my neck, and hide it in my t-shirt.

"Jax?" I ask.

"Yes I'm here!" She yells from behind a house.

"Come here,"


"Tell your father I say thank you for this," I show her the locket, and she nods.

"Cyanna... Do you think we have to go back to The Arena?" Jax whispers.

"No. No way. We're safe. Hopefully," I reply.

"OK. I'm just a bit scared still..."

"Me too. Well... We'll have to see what happens, right?"

"Right," and with that she skips off to her house.

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