Beginning of Many Secrets (MMPR) (S1) (On Hold)

This is my first try at a power rangers story. I know I'm too old for this show, but I'm still a kid at heart, and that will never change. :) I don't own anything except my OCs.


13. Peace, Love and Woe

I was standing by Jason as he was teaching Trini some karate. I was glad that she wanted to learn a few things, and Jason is the best teacher. All of a sudden, I get pulled out of the way as Bulk comes our way, on a skateboard mind you.  I felt so bad for Ernie because he was carrying a cake, and Bulk smashed right into it. I laughed though because Ernie told Bulk and Skull that they couldn’t come back unless they paid for the cake.

I listened as everyone was talking about the dance, and took notice that Billy didn’t have a date. I felt bad for him because I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to date Billy. I almost went to Billy when he and a girl bumped into each other, but was relieved when the girl asked Billy to the dance. I was super excited for him, and I guess it showed because Jason just hugged me to him.

“He’s better at getting a girl than Zack is.” I whispered to Jason.

“I totally agree.” Jason whispered back.

“I heard that!” Zack hollered offended, but couldn’t hold the laugh that followed.

I guess Jason and I didn’t whisper too softly, but that’s fine because Zack knew we were joking.  We all watched as Billy and the girl, whose name I found to be Marge, left to go meet up somewhere for something, I don’t I know I wasn’t really paying attention to that, and I couldn’t help the smile that graced my lips. Billy is finally coming out of his shell.

After Billy and Marge left, all of us got back to decorating for the dance. It wasn’t too long after we got started that our watches started going off. We gathered around each other, and went to help him. When we got there, I went to check on Billy as the others fought putties. A few putties came towards us, but Billy and tagged teamed them. After the putties were defeated, we teleported to the command center and Zordon showed us on the viewing globe that Marge was captured by a monster named Madam Woe. I knew Rita was too scared to fight her own battles, but I felt bad for Marge because she got caught in the middle of all this.

The rangers went off to fight Madam Woe, and I stayed behind like normal. I actually like helping Alpha, but sometimes I wish I could go out and fight with the others. I know that I probably sound selfish, but I can’t help it. I like to have freaked out when I saw the others get captured by Madam Woe, but I knew that they were cooking up a plan in their heads, so I calmed myself down, and just continued to watch the fight.

I was scared for a moment because only Billy escaped Madam Woe’s crystal, but everyone gave him their power to help him save them. I was very proud of Billy, and I couldn’t wait to tell him that. The gang banded together and defeated Madam Woe and I could only imagine Rita’s expression. I just hope that we can save Capri.

I knew that I would see the others at the dance, so I went home, showered, got dressed, and met up with the gang. We were having a ball, until Bulk and Skull showed up in disguises, but Ernie wasn’t fooled. I was confused on why Bulk was sitting down and taking off his shoe. I finally got my answer when he pulled some money from between his toes.

Ernie fainted into the new cake, so we ran over to make sure that he was fine. I shuddered at the thought of having to smell that nasty funk, but I was glad that Ernie was ok. Ernie, covered in cake, led us out on the dance floor, and started dancing. We followed suit and all of us had the time of our lives. 


Ashlynn's outfit:

Ashlynn's outfit to the dance:

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