Beginning of Many Secrets (MMPR) (S1) (On Hold)

This is my first try at a power rangers story. I know I'm too old for this show, but I'm still a kid at heart, and that will never change. :) I don't own anything except my OCs.


1. Day of the Dumpster

I was meeting my friends at Ernie’s, but deep down, I knew that today would be different. I met up with Capri, Kimberly, and Trini. Kimberly had just flipped off the balance beam, and landed perfectly. I was proud to call her my friend, and now we practice gymnastics together. My other friend, Billy, came in shortly after I did. I was excited to see how his first karate class went, but then Bulk and Skull had to come try and ruin our fun. Everyone laughed as Kimberly and Trini flipped them over on both sides of the balance beam.

“Nice job girls. I couldn’t have done it better myself.” I said as I walked over to the girls.

“Thanks Ashlynn.” Kimberly said back with a huge smile.

I smiled back and went to see Jason and Zack. I was dating Jason, and he’s the best boyfriend that anyone could ever want. My friend, Capri, has a boyfriend as well, but he doesn’t go to our school. They make such a cute couple, though. I feel bad for her because I know she misses him just as much as he misses her.

“Hey guys.” I said as I walked up to Jason, Zack, and Billy.

“Hey Ashlynn.” “Hey babe.” Zack, Billy, and Jason said at the same time.

I giggled as Jason wrapped his arms around me for a quick hug, before he started teaching his class. I felt a little bad for Billy because he was really trying to learn, but at least he was trying. Unlike Bulk and Skull, the well-known bullies, who were trying to intimidate Jason into helping them.

 Jason just tried to talk them down, but when that didn’t work, he showed Bulk a side kick, which Bulk did, and then a tornado kick, which Bulk failed miserably to copy. Everyone started laughing, including Jason and me.

“This is how it’s done boys.” I said before doing the tornado kick, exactly how Jason done it.

Everyone clapped except Bulk and Skull. I was taught karate by Jason, and continued practicing when I was alone because I figured that someday, it would come in handy. We all decided to sit down and have some smoothies. I was sitting next to Jason, when the Youth Center started to shake. Everyone was running out of the building, except Jason, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, Capri, and I. Jason was holding me up until all of us got teleported to a place that we didn’t know. We all started looking around, until this giant floating, who called himself Zordon, started talking to us. He told us that five of us were going to save the world, if we chose to, and the other two would have to keep the secret.

Jason, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini were chosen to be power rangers, and so that left Capri and me to keep their secret. Capri and I chose to keep their secret, but only if the gang chose to be rangers. They didn’t go for it right then, and all of us ended up leaving. I stuck close to Jason because you never know what’s going to happen. All of a sudden, we got attacked by some weird looking monsters. I was behind Jason, until I herd Kimberly scream. I ran to go help her and it felt good to get out some of my frustration out, but they got the best of me, and threw me into Kimberly and Billy.

“You ok, Ashlynn?” Billy asked as I slowly sat up.

“Yeah, Billy, I’m good.” I replied with a small smile.

Capri and the others were next and I was really scared now because I had no idea what was going to happen next, until Jason and the others morphed. We were proud of them, and they were teleported again, but so were we. Capri and I were back in the command center watching the fight on the globe. Everyone was happy when they got back because the rangers won the fight. Capri and I watched as the gang finally decided to be rangers, and we were so happy. I hugged Jason and laughed as he spun me around.

“Everything’s going to change now.” I told him softly.

“Maybe, but with all of us together, nothing can change our bond.” Jason said back as I smiled at him.

And I believed him. This was the start of our crazy life, and I hope it doesn’t get too crazy. I’ll just have to wait and see.


Ashlynn and Capri's outfits:

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