Daydreaming •||Perfect Two Prequel||•


1. chapter 1:

~ 2 years before. currently 2013~

***kylies POV***

"Bella stop snoring!" screamed jasmine.

"I'm not snoring." slurred Bella.

"she's still half asleep." I whispered to Jaz as I rolled out of the bottom bunk I was forced to sleep in.

Bella and jasmine decided that they got the only top bunks on the tour bus.

"Bells," I said trying to wake her up.

"Jaz she won't wake up." I groaned.

"give me one minute." said jasmine with a sly smirk. She jumped out of her Bunk and ran towards the bathroom.

"grab my phone!" she screamed from the restroom. and i did as I was told.

"your gonna wanna record this." she tells me. I look down at her hand and there it was.

"smack cam?" she says with that smirk she always seems to have on. I think and wonder. should we do this?

I finally give in.

"smack cam!" I say in assurance.

"1," she says leaning to Bella still sleeping.

"2," she says trying so hard to keep back her laughter.

"3!" she finally screams & slaps the the handful of shaving cream all over Bella's face.

"what the heck?!?!" screams a now awoken Bella.

"you wouldn't wake up." I say still recording and laughing my butt off.

"ha! score!" screamed jasmine.

"Karma's a butt," says Bella. "your gonna regret this." she's now taking the phone out of my hands.

"I'm still gonna post that!" screams jasmine form the other side of the bus.

"you better watch it!" exclaims Bella.

"come at me bro!" says jasmine playfully beating her chest and opening her arms.

"oh, come at you I will." says Bella.

"ooh. I'm so scared." says jaz sarcastically.

after watching all of this, I decided to speak up.

"so, what do we have planned today?"

"we'll after I go take a shower," said Bella giving jasmine one of her famous death glares.

if looks could kill, jasmine would be dead.

"we have our auto graph signing and then we have to come back and pack for our first official world tour!" said Bella jumping up and down clapping her hands in excitement.

" That's today?!?!" I asked.

"I don't know how I could forget going to Doncaster!" I screamed excitedly.

After we 'all' got a shower in, we decided to hey ready. we all dressed pretty casual. Jasmine straightened her hair and wore jeans with a loose crop top, Bella had a beautiful waterfall braid on her hair and wore a skater skirt with a shirt that said 'you trippin', I lastly wore a flannel shirt with black high wasted shorts with loose curls on my hair.

"Everyone ready?" asked out manager walking through the door.

"yep, I think so." I responded.

"can I just say how proud I am of you girls? I've seen you from the start and now look at you. you've finally made it." she started to tear up.

The 3 of us looked at each other. I think we just realised we have actually made it.

"well, let's get out of here before our cheeks get stained with tears." I said to everyone.


a/n: hey guys! sorry for the wait but I've been really busy planning this whole thing out. but I hope u all enjoy it.

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