His Love

Niall Horan Fan Fic story


3. Prologue

Leah's POV

So today I'm going to help with a studio by taking pictures for an assignment. I'm really excited with this new experience. I wonder who I'm going to take pictures for? Well I will just have to wait and see! Once I got my camera I head outside to my Kia Mini Cooper. When I got into my car I started driving to the studio. While I was driving to the studio i was thinking about who I was going to take pictures for while I was paying attention to the road. Sooner or later I was at the studio. I parked the car and shut it off and get out of the car with my camera in my hand and iPhone 5s in the other hand and keys in my pocket once I locked the car. I smile as I walk into the studio. The photographer found me and told me to follow her cause she knew where the photo shoot was and once I saw my photo shoot stuff then I saw.............

Hahahha Cliffhanger!!!😜 yeah I know it was boring but it will get better! Comment of what you guys think! Thanks!✌️

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