Nialls slave

Gabby is the average, insecure, nerdy teen just living her daily life. But what happens when she signs up for her schools annual Slave Auction?


4. chapter 4

*Niall's P.O.V*

I was so bored sitting in my math class. All I could keep thinking about was that freshman Gabby! She was so gorgeous and her friend was pretty hot too, but I think my friend Zayn will really like her.

"Hey Nialler, you need help with your paper?" Loren, Harry's super annoying "know-it-all" girlfriend asks me twirling her hair.

"No I'm fine!" I reply sassily trying to get her to stop bugging me.

She always try's flirting with all of Harry's best friends, she's such a bitch to him. I swear she's cheated on him about 6 times in the past year!

"What ever!" She replies with a annoyed look on her face.

I barely even paided attention to the rest of Mr.Franta's lesson before the bell rang all I could think about was seeing that girl again.

Hey guys, sorry this chapter was so short, I don't really feel like writing much but I still wanted to write a little. I hope u guys r enjoying my story!


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