Nialls slave

Gabby is the average, insecure, nerdy teen just living her daily life. But what happens when she signs up for her schools annual Slave Auction?


3. chapter 3

*Maddie's P.O.V*

Wow that senior guy was really hot! I can't believe that he was interested in Gabby! I'm so happy for her! We entered are first class witch was Health with Mr. Oakley, he was pretty hot too! This school is full of hotties!

"Ok class have a seat wherever you want their will be no seating arrangements do you will be comfortable with the people around you." Mr. Oakley announced giving the class a really big smile.

I hope all my teachers are this sexy cause Mr. Oakley is gorgeous! 😏 I've never had a teacher that looked better! He has these awesome glasses that really go with his bright blonde hair. 👓

"Is it just me or is this teacher totally beautiful?" Gabby whisper-asked me as we took out our health books and opened to page 378.

"YAS." I whisper shouted back as we both giggled.

Then I looked down at what we were learning, human reproduction...yay. What a great lesson I start off the year.

I looked around the room and noticed A LOT of hot boys! I listened to see what their names were when Mr. Oakley took attendance. Their was one really good looking guy, he had sleek brown hair with beautiful brown and gold eyes and his name was Liam Payne. There was another really cute guy that sat right behind me his name was Luke Hemmings, I couldn't really get a good look at him cause it would be a little weird if I turned around and stared at him. But from what I saw he was pretty cute.

"Ok boys and girls the first thing we are gonna talk I about is...." I really didn't listen to Mr. Oakley I just looked out the window and daydreamed about how awesome this year would be.

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