Nialls slave

Gabby is the average, insecure, nerdy teen just living her daily life. But what happens when she signs up for her schools annual Slave Auction?


1. chapter 1

*Gabby's P.O.V*

Today was my first day of school, High School to be exact. I was starting freshman year a Bridge Way High. And every freshman girl can be in what the school calls a "Charity Fundraiser" where the girls can get bid on to be a Slave for a senior guy.

~At School~

"You ready for this?" Maddie asked as we get out of my moms car and head to the front entrance of the school.

Maddie's been my BFF since preschool and she's always been there for me.

"Not really... But let's go get this over with." I reply pushing the doors open, entering a maze they call a school.

"We'll be fine Gabby don't worry! We have all our classes together and I've already spotted at least 10 cute boys." She says with a wink as we head through the crowd to find our lockers.

I was so nervous I wasn't watching where I was going, I ran right into a senior guy and we both fell over and dropped our books everywhere.

"Watch where your goi...." The senior started getting up, but then he looked at me and stopped.

I have to admit he was cute.He had bright blue eyes and blonde hair that he spiked up in a perfect way.

I was so embarrassed that I grabbed Maddie's hand and ran down the hallway.

I knew this was the start to a awful freshman year.

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