Behind the Spectrespecs

Told from the view point of Luna Lovegood, we see the world from behind the spectrespecs.


1. I am Luna

      Oh, hello there. I'm Luna Lovegood. My daddy got me this journal to start my 6th year here, at Hogwarts. It's special, isn't it? I can't wait to take you along on my adventures through this book. I just hope I don't lose it. Daddy says I lose a lot of things. I guess the nargles just get to me sometimes. We sang the school song after all of the little children were sorted. But not many people were actually singing along. Oh well, my voice was loud enough for a few people. Maybe that's why I was getting some strange looks. But I've never cared about what other people think, really. Sometimes people say I'm just living in my own little world, or bubble. I kind of agree with that too! Oh look! In the common room Harry and Ron are playing wizards' chess. I guess I'll go watch them. 

In the meantime, 


-Luna Lovegood

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