Against Her Will

Belle lives in a town where murders are suddenly happening out of the blue. Of course, she doesn't want to stay here anymore but doesn't have a place to go. Soon Belle has the unfortunate displeasure of being held captive by the serial killer himself. Everyday, she has to look him in the eye and tell him that she loves him. She doesn't mean it of course! What happens when one day, she actually means it?


10. Meeting Again

Belle's P.O.V.

*Three Days Later*


I walk upstairs to my room and see that the window is open. I walk over to it and look out at the dark night. I hear my bedroom door shut and lock. I turn around and gasp as I see someone in black leaning against my bedroom door. I recognize him as the guy I saw shooting that man in the alley.

"I said I'll be seeing you again." He said.

"Get out of my house or I'll call the cops!" I threatened.

"Don't threaten me." He said and took a gun out of his jacket then pointed it at me, "You'll regret it terribly." He added.
"Just get out of my house." I said calmly. I wasn't going to show that I was afraid.

"No." He said.
"Get out of my house." I said firmly.
"You, out that window, now." He said. I turned around and looked out of the window. I'm on the fourth story. I turned back around and he was walking over to me slowly.

"Are you mad?! No way!" I said.

"Out of it! Now!" He demanded, "Or I can push you..." He had a grin on his face, "or I can shoot you." He added.
"You won't." I said.
"I will." He said. He put the gun on my forehead and I winced, "Scared?" He asked.
"No." I lied.
"Don't lie!" He yelled in my face, "Now out the window." He said.


I looked out of the window and opened the window wider. I saw the ladder thing on the side of the house. I put my feet on it then I climbed slowly down it. I'm terribly afraid of heights.


When I got down, I tried to calm down while watching him climb down it. Once he was down I started to run to the back of the house. I felt his hands on my waist and he stopped me.

"Wrong way." He said. He took my upper arm in his hand and he led me to the sidewalk, "Run with me." He said.
"What? Why?" I asked and he started running to the park. I sighed and ran after him. He still has a gun. He ran into the alley and I ran into the alley too. We turned the corner and his car was parked there.

"Get in the passenger's seat." He said and got in the driver's seat. I hesitated then I remembered he had a gun. I opened the passenger door and sat down. I shut the door and looked at him. He was starring at me.
"What?!" I asked sharply. He just shook his head and started the engine. I put my seat belt on and looked out of my window.

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