Against Her Will

Belle lives in a town where murders are suddenly happening out of the blue. Of course, she doesn't want to stay here anymore but doesn't have a place to go. Soon Belle has the unfortunate displeasure of being held captive by the serial killer himself. Everyday, she has to look him in the eye and tell him that she loves him. She doesn't mean it of course! What happens when one day, she actually means it?


1. First Murder

Belle's P.O.V.


I walk downstairs and into the living room. I turn on the TV to the news and the headline reads "Murder In West Valley". I sit down on the couch and watch. The news later came on the screen and started talking about politics. I groaned and leaned back. I kept watching then closed my eyes.


I was about to fall asleep when the news lady said "West Valley". I jumped and looked at the TV. There was a investigator leading the camera and the news guy to something covered by a bag. I recognized the place immediately. The alley behind the West Valley Park. I turned up the volume and listened.
"A very serious murder has taken place in an alley right behind a park in the town of West Valley. There is no evidence of this person struggling and no identification of the murderer. DNA samples are being identified to know who this person is. There will be more news tomorrow. Now back in the newsroom with-" The news guy's voice no longer interested me.


I turned off the TV and looked out the window. I had a perfect view of the whole street. Houses are practically on top of each other, but nobody in this town cares because everyone is friends. Every afternoon there are little kids, about 3-10, playing on the streets. No cars go by because every husband works the morning or the night so there isn't any danger. The children are usually on their bikes, playing hide-and-seek, playing tic-tac-toe, playing hopscotch, and other fun games that kids play.


When parents are done with the house chores, they take their kids to the West Valley Park. I always went there as a kid and I always loved it. The park and the street was the ultimate hang out place.


I used to hang out there with all of my friends, but now my friends ditched me. There is a popular group of people, the trouble makers, and they hang out with them now. The trouble makers hang out in the allies and scare little kids in the park. Sometimes, they come out on the street and scare little kids there too. They deal weed and the sniff coke. They drink alcohol and they shop lift. They're the worst kind of people. I never knew why my friends wanted to hang with those idiots.


My mind went back to the news and about the murder.


A murder? In this peaceful town? Everyone in this town are nice (except for the trouble makers of course)! There aren't any murderers in this town!

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