Ninjas Looking for Love

What would you do if you got to see your best friend again? Callie and her two friends are living in their hometown of Ninjago. Callie is working at a mountain climbing place. When she sees her best friend Cole, she is really excited because her and Cole have been friends since they were in diapers. But now their friendship is put to the test when Callie's friend Tiffany has a crush on her childhood friend and her friend Andrea starts liking Cole's friend Zane. But the biggest challenge is when Callie like Kai Cole's best friend. Do you think they can overcome this,


2. We are going to the same high school

    So we went to New Ninjago  high school and had fun. We all had the same classes and I got to sit next to Kai ( got to admit he's cute. I like Kai, I hope he likes me.) Me , Tiffany , and Andrea are rooming together. I went for a walk (alone and this is at night.)  and saw Kai getting beat up by his sister Nya and her boyfriend.  " What is wrong with you ?! He's bleeding! Don't you care about him ? He is your brother after all." I said to Nya.  " Kai? He was there when our parents died he didn't do anything about it. " Nya yelled at me. " KAI WAS ONLY 5 WHEN THAT HAPPENED!" I screamed at her. I called 911 , because Kai was losing to much blood. So when the paramedics came I went with Kai to the hospital. I called Cole
Phone Conversation
Me: Cole are you there?
Cole: Yea, Callie why ?
Me: Kai is in the hospital. 
 Cole:What?! Why?
Me:Nya and her bf were beating Kai up and yelling at him because of their parents death. Kai is losing to much blood. 
Cole: Kk. I'm on my way now. 
Me:  Bye 
Cole: Bye
End of Conversation 

  Cole's POV

  I went to the hospital with Zane,Jay,Tiffany ,and Andrea. We asked where Kai's room was and it was "1202"that was Callie's birthday so it was strange. We saw Callie asleep in a chair and Kai getting up to put his sweatshirt on Callie and he gave her a kiss on her cheek and lips. " I'm sorry I put you guys through hell with all the crap I pulled. I never meant for this to happened." Kai said, he was facing us. Kai had to stay over night and Callie stayed with him.  

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