Ninjas Looking for Love

What would you do if you got to see your best friend again? Callie and her two friends are living in their hometown of Ninjago. Callie is working at a mountain climbing place. When she sees her best friend Cole, she is really excited because her and Cole have been friends since they were in diapers. But now their friendship is put to the test when Callie's friend Tiffany has a crush on her childhood friend and her friend Andrea starts liking Cole's friend Zane. But the biggest challenge is when Callie like Kai Cole's best friend. Do you think they can overcome this,


5. Please don't leave again

Cole's POV
   So our sensei said that we are leaving again and I promised Callie I wouldn't leave again. " Sensei Wo, Can  I bring my childhood friend and her friends along with us. PLEASE I promised I wouldn't leave her again and they can cook, take care of us and help us train." I said." Yes Cole since they have meaning to you." Wo said. I was so happy. So I went to Callie's house and I told her and she was so happy because when I left Callie was 11 and I left on her parents anniversary and I had felt so bad leaving here alone. But now I'm glad to that Callie is so happy. At least she having a good life even though she lost her parents and brother.  

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