Ninjas Looking for Love

What would you do if you got to see your best friend again? Callie and her two friends are living in their hometown of Ninjago. Callie is working at a mountain climbing place. When she sees her best friend Cole, she is really excited because her and Cole have been friends since they were in diapers. But now their friendship is put to the test when Callie's friend Tiffany has a crush on her childhood friend and her friend Andrea starts liking Cole's friend Zane. But the biggest challenge is when Callie like Kai Cole's best friend. Do you think they can overcome this,


4. Cole my friend Andrea likes Zane

Andrea's POV

    So I was sitting in class staring at Zane. He's o sweet and I really like him. " Yo Andrea?! You ok you keep staring at Zane." Callie said to me. " Zane,Andrea wants to be yours." Callie whispered in Zane's ear.I know that Callie's been through more than us and had to experience more death in her life. I noticed that Callie started to cut herself  during class. " Callie?! Stop! Why are you doing this to yourself?" I said. The minute I said,Cole came to me and asked me what happened I told him that Callie was cutting herself  and he went to Callie's desk and demanded  that she gives him her blade. " But Cole , I need it I don't feel any pain when I do it ." She said to Cole. " Read my lips I DON'T CARE." Cole said. So Cole took the blade from Callie  and he threw the bloody blade away. " Callie? Are you ok ,Babe?"Kai asked. " Yea." She said. 
  Zane's POV
 So I'm going to get enough strength to ask out Andrea. " So Andrea do you want to go out with me." I asked shaking. " Yea." Andrea said. I can't wait to have my first girlfriend. 

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