Ninjas Looking for Love

What would you do if you got to see your best friend again? Callie and her two friends are living in their hometown of Ninjago. Callie is working at a mountain climbing place. When she sees her best friend Cole, she is really excited because her and Cole have been friends since they were in diapers. But now their friendship is put to the test when Callie's friend Tiffany has a crush on her childhood friend and her friend Andrea starts liking Cole's friend Zane. But the biggest challenge is when Callie like Kai Cole's best friend. Do you think they can overcome this,


3. Cole I think Kai is in love with me

 Callie's POV 

   I was sitting in class. I sat next to Kai and he gave me a note it said ," Do you love red? Wanna be my girl? I love it when I see  you turn on your oven , come over here and turn me on. Lets make out until we see red. I want you to be my gurl. Now and forever. XoxoxoKai" "Do you love te note I gave you. Do you want to go out?" Kai said. " Can I think about Kai? Because I know your Cole's best friend and I don't want things to be weird since I've known Cole the longest." I said to Kai. Kai said" Yea. I understand. "

  Kai's POV

I understood where Callie was coming from I didn't want things to change with Cole, he is our best friend. But she whispered ," I want To be your girl and I want to be yours now and forever. " in my ear and kissed my cheek. I went to my dorm room and talk to Cole if it was ok if I date Callie  and be said yes and don't hurt her. I would never hurt Callie , she helped me I used to cut my wrists,stomach ,and thighs because my so called " sister" bullied me and still does my friends stand up for me but Callie checks me to make sure I don't cut and I did attempt suicide by jumping off a cliff when I landed I saw Callie running towards me and holding me and the hell I put my friends through she is always there for me. 

    Cole's POV

     "I know that Callie and Kai like each other and I want them to be happy. I don't them not to go out just cuz they don't want things to be weird between us." I said to Tiffany , Andrea ,Jay,and Zane. They understood where I was coming from. And they went to go find the two lovebirds and told them to go out. " Hey Cole , I'm going with Kai like you wanted." Callie said. " The both of you look very happy to be together."I said to her. She gave me a hug and told me never to leave again because when Callie was 10 both her parents died, they were blacksmiths and a pot of boiling metal spilled burning them.


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