Ninjas Looking for Love

What would you do if you got to see your best friend again? Callie and her two friends are living in their hometown of Ninjago. Callie is working at a mountain climbing place. When she sees her best friend Cole, she is really excited because her and Cole have been friends since they were in diapers. But now their friendship is put to the test when Callie's friend Tiffany has a crush on her childhood friend and her friend Andrea starts liking Cole's friend Zane. But the biggest challenge is when Callie like Kai Cole's best friend. Do you think they can overcome this,


7. Callie hasn't been at school for awhile

Tiffany's POV

   I haven't  seen Callie since 6months ago.  So I went to ask Cole where she was and I was driving and I drove past a graveyard and I saw Callie there singing. So I parked my car and got and I heard her singing  Second Chance written by her brother. She was in tears and she put some flowers on her brother's and parents grave and she whispered" Louis Willie Troy Austin-Tomlinson I love you were and still are the bestest brother in the world and I will visit you as best as I can. I have a boyfriend his name is Kai and wish you could meet him." 

Callie's POV

  I was leaving my parents and Louis' grave when I saw Tiffany behind me," Oh hey. How much of that did you see and hear?" I asked her.l didn't know she was there and I wanted to be alone an I knew tht no one wanted that call saying I committed suicide and I died and I was thinking Cole sent her here to watch me to make sure I didn't try to kill myself and I wanted because my brother raised me cause our parents used to work a lot and he would teach me. He taught me my first words and how to crawl and walk and there though times where I would call him daddy and our dad would get upset about then get over it. 


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