Kyley And Zack

This story is about a couple their names are Kyley and Zack. They have a good healthy relationship and keep no secrets from each other. So they thought...
Read to find out what happens!


1. The Movies Date

Chapter 1

One day a girl named Kyley and her boyfriend were going on a date to get pizza then watch a movie. They had been dating for 5 months but had never said "I love you" to each other but things were going good. They really liked each other and had both agreed to take things slow and not move to fast. They both couldn't live without each other. On the way to the movie Zack put his arm around Kyley while they were riding in his truck. She laid her head on his arm. When they got to the theatre, there was a guy standings outside. "Zack?" Kyley said.

"Yea sweetie? Your scared of him aren't you? He is kinda strange and suspicious looking." Zack said worried.

"Yea. I'm scared Zack."

"Don't worry walk behind me it'll be ok."

"No I'll hold your hand"


They got out of the truck, grabbed each others hand and slowly walked up to the doors. As they reached the strange man he stopped them yanked their hands apart and pushed Kyley against the wall and held a gun to her head."ZACK!" Kyley screamed.

"What are you doing to her we don't even know you man stop it!" Zack screamed.

"My name isn't man!!! It's Mark!" The man growled.

"Mark why are you doing this?" Zack said as he started to cry.

"I'm doing this because Kyley dated me 5 months ago then when I tried to talk to her about it she ignored me and blocked my number so I couldn't call or text her"

"Kyley why did you do that?"

"Because, he wouldn't leave me alone and I liked you. I didn't like him anymore. He scared me." Kyley said sadly.

"Oh. Well mark you've gotta stop she likes me now we are in a relationship now so stop! You can't control who you like. But if you weren't so mean, maybe people will like you more!" Zack said.

"No I am mad at her for dumpin me like that!" Mark exclaimed.

"Ok. YOUVE GOTTA STOP NOW!!! I LOVE HER!!!! SHE IS MY WHOLE WORLD AND I CANT STAND TO SEE SOME STUPID MAN COME TRY TO KILL HER!!!!!" Zack snatched the gun out of his hand. "Kyley go wait by the ticket place I'll be there in a minute." Zack said. Kyley walked off. Zack put the gun against marks chest. "Now then. Do you promise you'll never bother her again?" Zack asked firmly.

"Um let me think NO!!!!!!!" Mark yelled loudly.

"Ok let me try this one last time. Stop bothering her or I'll take care of it!" 

"I'm not scared of a boy 1 year younger than me! NO!!!!!"Mark hissed.

"Fine! You asked for it!!!" Zack pulled the trigger and watched mark fall to the ground. Kyley ran over to him.

"Why did you kill him?" Kyley asked calmer than before.

"Because he was threatening you and wouldn't leave you alone. I love you!!! I can't have some boy hurting and threatening you like that!!!" 

"Zack! Your so sweet! I love you to!!! Thanks!!!" They hugged.

"Let's skip the movie we need to go home baby." 

"Agreed. I love you Zack!"

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