Kyley And Zack

This story is about a couple their names are Kyley and Zack. They have a good healthy relationship and keep no secrets from each other. So they thought...
Read to find out what happens!


4. Happiness And Sadness

Chapter 4

A week after the wedding Zack and Kyley were sitting on the couch watching tv when a commercial about adoption came on. 

"Kids without homes they just need you! Give them a loving home and a family! Call now!" The tv blared. Kyley grabbed the remote and pressed mute.

"Why did you mute it?" Zack asked.

"I want to have a kid!" Kyley smiled.



"Are you serious?"

"Yes! Think about it, we have you and I, we can have a cute little family; a mom, a dad, a kid, and eventually a dog! Come on!"

"Um ok don't we need to think about this though?"

"I have. A lot. We're both 21 and out of college. We just need a baby! Come on Zack please?"



They continued watching the muted tv and smiling a each other. A few minutes later Kyley yawned and looked at Zack and mumbled, "I think I'm going to go to sleep now. You coming or staying up longer?"

"I'll stay up I'm not tired." Zack said.

"Ok love you night."

"Love you night"

Kyley walked to bed.

Two weeks later, Kyley woke up one morning and walked over to the living room and sat down on the couch. She picked up her phone and called her mom. "Hey. I have something to tell you! Nope! Put me on speaker so dad can hear. Ready? I'm pregnant! 2 weeks! Yep! Ok. Yes dad! I love you too bye." Zack walked up behind Kyley. "Hey baby" he said.

"Hey" she replied.

"Still craving shrimp?"


"Lucky you your lovely husband just ordered some of the best shrimp in town for lunch today!"

"Aw! Thanks! Love you! I'm tired again and my stomach is cramping I'm going to sleep"

"Ok. Love you"

Weeks went on and kyleys stomach grew and so did her pains. She got more used to the pains. One day, as she and Zack were walking through the park, Kyley cringed and grasped her stomach tightly and collapsed to the ground. Zack immediately fell to the ground beside her checking to see if she was breathing. "CALL AN AMBULANCE! CALL AN AMBUlANCE! HURRY SHES BARELY BREATHING!" Zack screamed, his face soaked with tears. Finally, the ambulance got there, they rushed Kyley in the back on a stretcher and Zack followed behind her. When the doors were closed, one doctor started asking Zack questions, "how old is she?"

"21" Zack replied.

"How many months pregnant?"


"Has she ever been diagnosed with cancer or any other sickness like that?"

"No sir"

"Has this happened recently?"

"No sir. Never."

The doctor walked over to Kyley who was hooked up to a bunch of cords and medicines and oxygen pumps. He looked at her hand and put a needle in it and took her blood. He put a drop of it on a machine and watched a computer screen. "Oh no! Patient has 234 code 234!" He shouted to the other doctors.

"234!? What's that? Is she ok? Will she make it? How's the baby?" Zack spouted.

"Son, come here."

Zack cautiously walked over to him. "Yes sir?"

"It seems the patient has cancer. If we fight it off now it should be gone within a month."

"Yes sir."

"But we have to wait until after pregnancy to get treatment. Which means it may take 3-4 months to cure."

"I understand sir thank you" Zack walked to the back of the truck got down on his knees and began to pray. "Dear God, please help my Kyley to be ok. I just want her to have a normal life and be happy. Please just help her get cured quickly. If it was possible, I would take the cancer out and give it to me so she would be better. If there is anything I can do to help her or anything I should do, let me know Lord. Thanks. Amen."

Zack stood up and walked to Kyley just as they reached the hospital. They rushed Kyley in and got her in a room and Zack never left her side. She finally woke up and her eyes widened. 

"DOCTOR!!!??? ITS TIME! IM IN LABOR!!!" She shouted. Doctors rushed over and helped her through it. Zack held her hand and listened all he heard were a bunch of nurses and doctors talking and Kyley crying and moaning then all of a sudden it all stopped and the only sound was a tiny cry from the baby in the nurses hands. "You have given birth to a baby girl!"

"Yay we're naming her Miley." Kyley said.

A little while later, the nurse gave Miley to Kyley. They all smiled upon the beautiful new addition to the family. Finally, Zack explained to Kyley that she had cancer and how relieved he was that Miley was a few weeks early. Kyley began to cry.

"Baby it's ok. They said they can cure you in a few months it'll all work out. And I'm sure they can start whenever. Dry those eyes baby girl I'm right here and Miley is crying too don't let your daughter see you like this come on." Zack said to Kyley. Kyley dried her eyes, took Miley from Zack and smiled at her. Miley stopped crying and started smiling. Kyley talked to the doctors about starting kemo today. "No I'm afraid you can't but we need to keep you here and keep an eye on you and run tests we will start kemo in two days." The doctor said, "but don't worry it will be ok. I will be here the whole time. I'm Dr. Johnson. You can call me John." 

"Ok thanks I'm going to take a nap now." Kyley yawned.

"Ok. Zack can I see you in the hall?"

"Sure." Zack whispered walking to the hall with Miley.

"Ok so it seems Miley here might have cancer too. We have to do tests on her but it will be done in an hour. We will call with the results by tomorrow."

"Um ok. I'm so upset."

"Zack look it's ok son. Just look at how happy Miley is shell be fine."

"Ok." Zack handed Miley to John and went home to eat. An hour later he came back and took Miley home. Zack couldn't sleep that night. He held Miley in his arms all night and the next morning when she woke up. He stared into her dark brown eyes as she started crying and he said, "Miley. Daddy loves you. I won't let anything happen to you baby!" Then Miley stopped crying and smiled. After Zack fed Miley, the doctor called. 

"Hello? Yes sir. She does? Are you sure? I understand completely. Bye. Wait what!? How is that possible? Are you sure about this!? Ok! I'll be there soon! Thanks! Bye!" Zack took Miley out to the car and went to the hospital. "We'll miley, it seems your mommy has no cancer baby girl! Somehow they cured it after 1 test treatment! It's never been done before! You don't either!" Zack laughed. Hey looked up at the sky and said "Thank you Lord."

After they got home from the hospital, Kyley bursted into tears. "Baby!? What's wrong????" Zack shouted.

"I'm just so happy and sad at the same time! I got cured after 1 treatment and my daughter ended up not having cancer at all. We are a healthy family with a good home and we care so much about Miley and we are a happy family! But, not everyone is as lucky as we are. Some people are dying from cancer or being abused or living on a park bench as we speak!" Kyley cried.

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