Movellas Reviews *CLOSED*

I love reading everyone's Movellas, and I usually leave a comment so I thought 'why not'!

I'll review almost anything, just comment. Rules in the first chapter. I'd also be very grateful if you could check out my Movella(s) in return, but it's not compulsory.



Pikachunicorn here!

This is my review Movella and these are just a few rules/information.



1) I won't say 'it was good omg loved it', I will try to give useful constructive criticism on everything I review.

2) I'm currently studying for A Levels, so it might take me a while to get through requests.

3) If your Movella is long I'll only review the first few chapters.

4) I'll review anything.

5) I might be a bit blunt, please don't get offended. I'm just trying to help. Any abusive comments will be reported.


What I'll Do:

I will rate your story out of 10 for a range of different points, including cover, blurb, plot and, of course, spelling and grammar (I'm a big grammar nazi), and then give you a final mark based on the average.


How To:

Want a review? Leave a link in the comments. And if you want specific chapters reviewed, add that in too. 


Have fun!

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