Movellas Reviews *CLOSED*

I love reading everyone's Movellas, and I usually leave a comment so I thought 'why not'!

I'll review almost anything, just comment. Rules in the first chapter. I'd also be very grateful if you could check out my Movella(s) in return, but it's not compulsory.


5. Horizon by Yazmin

Cover: Colourful, clear and high quality. Fab! 10/10


Blurb: A little brief, maybe add some more information on 'me'. 8/10


Plot and Details: Great, original plot. It's definitely an appealing concept for me (I'm a sci-fi addict)! And your writing style is just... *squeals* Honestly, I'm jealous. You write so well! I love the use of alliteration in the first chapter ("to build and break and bleed"), it really connotes the tediousness of the activities. This is just one of many techniques that spoke out to me. Also, your use of short sentences is so effective! They're not overused and are inserted in all the correct places. A final point on this is your great chapter endings, just enough to create tension - nice one! Didn't think I'd be giving anyone a ten in this section for a while! 10/10


Spelling and Grammar: Pretty much perfect. All I'd say is your paragraphs go a bit weird in the middle of the first chapter (it's one big block of text). So, just try splitting it up a little. :) 9/10


That's yet another talented writer to achieve...


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