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I love reading everyone's Movellas, and I usually leave a comment so I thought 'why not'!

I'll review almost anything, just comment. Rules in the first chapter. I'd also be very grateful if you could check out my Movella(s) in return, but it's not compulsory.


4. Defenders of Metoa by Raihae Nufei

Cover: I understand you didn't make it, but still, it's bloomin' gorgeous! 10/10


Blurb: AH! YES! Just perfect! So descriptive and appealing. Definitely intrigues the audience. Another full marks? So far, so good, Raihae! 10/10


Plot and Details: Okay, so a lot of my friends are into Manga, so I have basic knowledge of the genre. But of course, it was a little difficult to understand. But for anyone considering reading - don't let this put you off, as Raihae's writing style is beautiful! So, I'm sure to the right audience, this would be a dream! But unfortunately, I'm not that audience.
Getting past the Manga thing, I definitely felt the relationships between the characters, especially Erin and Kaito. Relationships are something that is commonly overlooked, but the dialogue and description you use between characters really show how each character views the next. 
So, taking into account the niche audience... 8/10


Grammar and Spelling: Pretty much perfect. There were a couple of grammar mistakes (eg. Kingdoms instead of Kingdom's, when talking about possession). 9/10


Overall, Raihae, I love your work! I really didn't expect to be awarding such high marks to anyone. I'll try to check out your other one soon.



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