Captured heart (Dark Zayn Malik Fanfic)

He was bad. I was good. He was heartless. Until he captured mine.


12. What?

 I woke up with a major headache. What happened last night? I groan and sit up. Im in a bed somewhere. I look to my left and see a boy. The boys head was covered with the comforter. I can only hope it was Zayn or Liam and not some creep. I was still clothed so I didn't do anything with the mystery boy. I stand up slowly and look around. I think im still in Nialls house but I don't really know.

I decided to see who the boy was. I lightly lift the comforter and see.....


What was he doing here? Did I do something with him?? I walk out of the room and look for Amanda. Shes on the couch with Nialls arms wrapped around her. I guess she'll be fine with him. I walk out the door to my car. I get home in les than 10 minutes and shower because I smell like beer. I slip on a light blur high low dress and a brown belt. I let my hair dry so its wavy and apply a little makeup. After im happy with how I look I go downstairs and get a text.

   Josh: Hey beautiful, want to go out today?

I smile and reply, Yea sure. Where?

  Josh: Wanna meet at the park in 20?

  To Josh: Yea sure see ya there!

I smile and do a happy dance. I sigh and walk out the door.


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