Captured heart (Dark Zayn Malik Fanfic)

He was bad. I was good. He was heartless. Until he captured mine.


10. The party (part 1)



Manda and I say at the same time, then laugh. 


"Nice heels."


"Nice converse." 


She was wearing a black dress with heels but she totally rocked them. She looked hotttt. 

I wore a royla blue dress with black converse. 


Classy. I know.


She kept her black hair natural which was so beautiful, while I pulled mine to the side and pinned it. 


"Nialls gonna love you."


I smirk. 


"I know right? Haha im gonna get you with Louis or Liam. Probably Liam. You both are uptight bitches."


My jaw dropped. Not Liam. Please no. Aye wait a seccond.


"Excuse me!! I am not an uptight bitch." 


I retort back. She laughs and falls being the clumsy self she is. She keeps laughing on the floor.


"Sureee ok." She gets up and I check the time. 7:55. Oh well. Better to be fashionably late then not come. I finish the last touches on my makeup and hear Manda shout, 




I laugh and shout back,







She screams. I laugh and go down the stairs. We get in my car and drive to the adress,


We arrive and see the flashing lights from inside qnd hear the music clearly. It looks fun. Mandas eyeing the party. She smiles evily.

"Looks fun." 


Oh no. 


She jumps out of the car and I follow. We knock on the door and Niall opens it. 


"Ayeee ladies! Looking fine tonight! I see Manda could make it."


 He smirked and winked at Manda. She rolled her eyes, and we walked in. 

In the giant living room and dining room was a dance party, people where gringing and making out everywhere.


 "Wanna drink?" 


I turn behind me and see Louis with two drinks in his hand. He hands one to me as he looks me up and down. 


Hes wearig black pants and a white tee shirt. He was hot tonight. I smile at him and he smirks, 


"So it looks like Mandas having a good time?" 


I look over to Manda and Niall playing some game, probably beer pong, laughing their asses off. I smile and he asks,


 "You wanna dance?" 


I look at him and nod. 


Why not?

*A few drinks later* 


Me and Louis were grinding on the 'dance floor'. Every once in a while, I would hear Niall and Manda laughing, drunk off their asses.


After a bit, Louis pulled me to the kitchen. We stumbled around untill we got to the fridge. 


"Uhmm, wanna beer or?"


I laugh and say, 


"Water. I want water."


He smriks and gets a bottle of water, and hands it to me. I take it gladly and chug it. 


Aye, no shame. 


"So, I heard Zayn talking about you."


"What about?"


I question. He smirks, 


"How hot and sexy you were. I didnt actually see it untill tonight."


He comes closer to me. I back up and my back hits the counter. Ohhhh shit, oh shit. 


"Ya know... I may hafta take you for myself."


He gets right infront of me and I hear Mandas voice, 


"Heyyyy guysss!!!!!" 


She stumbles over with Niall behind her. 


"I knew yall would get togetherr."


I roll my eyes and she giggles. 


"Use protection!" 


Niall says laughing. Manda looks and him.


"No. They're not having sex. No. Nope."


I smile at her protectiveness. 


"Why not?" 


Louis questions wrapping his hands around my waist. I see Niall wrap his hands around Mandas waist. 


"We could." 


Manda spun around and punches him in the gut, probably because she couldn't reach his head. 


He fell to his knees and groaned. Manda turned to Louis,


"And you. Stay away from Cat or I swear I will rip your balls off. With tweasers. Got it?"


Louis pulls his hands back and walks off with Niall. 


"That wasnt necessary." 


I say laughing. 


"Yes it was." 


She replied, smirking. We walk around for a while, and she sees one of her friends, Haylee. She scurries off and I look for any of my friends. 


"Hey baby."


I turn around and see Zayn standig there, looking me up and down.

He wore black jeans and a white shirt with a leather jacket.




I reply dully. He smirks and comes closer to me. 


"Thats no way to treat you boyfriend." 


"Im not your girlfriend and I never will be, your a stuck up jerk!"


I snap back. He glares, and moves closer,


"You know, you look good in that dress."


He whispered in my ear, 


"Well its not for you."


I reply.


"Oh? Whos it for then?"


Hmmmmm, say somthing convincing, cmon Cat.


"Uh, Liam."






         Cliffhanger, I know. Im sorry. Or nahhh. ^-^ Thanks for reading, Like, Comment, and Favorite. :D I love yall!


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