Captured heart (Dark Zayn Malik Fanfic)

He was bad. I was good. He was heartless. Until he captured mine.


7. The club

      We rode in silence and soon arrived infront of a very popular club. You could hear the pounding music and see flashing lights from in the car. He parks the car and pulls the keys from the ignition. I watch his every move as he opens his door, and shuts it. He walks around the car, and opens my door. "Get out. We're going in princess." I sigh, and get out, shutting the door. He locks the car and grabs my hand, dragging me into the club.


The first thing I smelt was beer. It stung my nose. I hated beer. It tasted disgusting. I stiffen up as he pulls me infront of a table with four other boys with emoty beer bottles infront of them. They were all laughing and looked like they were having fun. "Hey lads, this is Cat. My girlfriend." Zayn smiled at the boys. I widen my eyes. "Ummm, no, im not your girlfriend." I snap. Zayn glares at me. I give a testy look. "Yes. Shes my girlfriend." He squeezes my hand tight. I grit my teeth in pain. "Right baby?" He smirks. "Yeah." I say quietly. He pushes me into the booth and I sit next to one with brown hair quiffed up. "Hey! Im Louis!" The one across from me said. "Im Harry." Curly said. "Im Niall." Blondie said. "And im Liam." The one next to me said. I wasnt gonna lie, he was hot. Liam smirks at me. "Wanna drink babe?" Zayn asks. I nod. He gets up, and gives a warning glare to the boys. "Chill we wont do anything to her." Louis chuckles.


Zayn leaves and Liam asks me, "So babe, are you two really together?" "Not really." I say, rolling my eyes. "So it would be ok if..." He traced his hand along my thigh. The other boys were in their own conversation. "Something happened?" He whispered in my ear. I could tell he was drunk. You could smell it in his breath. I take a deep shaky breath. "I dont think you should be doing this." I whisper back so we dont get the other boys attention. "Why not baby?" He smirks, and I reply, "Because.. Zayn will kill you." He chuckles darkly. "You think I care about him? Princess I always get what I want." He pulls his hand away as Zayn comes back to the table. "Hey man!" Liam smiles as if nothing happened. "Hey, I got you guys some more beers." He said, handing them out. He gave me a shot of vodka I think and I grabbed it and downed it. "Gimmie another." I say. "Woah, slow down there tiger." Niall laughs. I smile at his laugh. Zayn got me another, and another, and soon, I was pretty tipsy. "I wanna dance with Leyumm." I laugh. Zayn looks at Liam like, 'dont fucking hurt her'. Liam smirks and before Zayn could say anything. He dragged me to the middle of the dance floor so the boys couldn't see us.


He pulled me down so I was grinding with him. He pulled my hair away from my neck and kissed it, moaning. "I want you babe." He says. He grabs my hand and takes me to the back of the club. He smirks as he presses me against the wall. His eyes are black as he looks in my eyes. He slams his lips to mine, and grabs my waist. After a minute Liam pulls back. I open my eyes, and see Zayn punching Liam in the jaw. I stand there shocked. After a few punches, he shouts at him, "You touch her again, your dead! Shes mine!" He turns to me and grabs my wrist. "Boys we're leaving. Ill see you tomorrow."


And with that, he dragged me out of the club. He slammed me against the wall and screamed, "What the fuck where you doing kissing him?! You havnt even fucking kissed me! What the hell is wrong with you?!" "I-I dont know." I slur. To be honest, this Zayn scared me. Maybe too much. "Well thats not good enough!" He growled. He pushed me to the car and I got in. He drove me home without a word. When we arrived at my house I got out, and walked inside, locking the door behind me. I was pretty pissed right now. So it was my fault he let his best friend take me? Uhg I could slap him. I shower and get into my pajamas. I slide in bed and as soon as my head hits the pillow, im out like a light.



Hey yall! I hope you guys liked the chapter, and I should be updating soon. I love yall! ♥


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