Captured heart (Dark Zayn Malik Fanfic)

He was bad. I was good. He was heartless. Until he captured mine.


4. The bad boy

 I stood there shocked. No guy ever likes me. Ever. 

I had no idea who this kid was, what his name was, nothing. I had no idea how to react. He kissed my kneck, and I did the thing a crazy person would do, I spun around, and kneed him in the balls. He fell to the floor, groaning. "Cat! Get over here!" Abbi shouted from behind me. I stood still laughing at the sight infront of me. She grabbed my arm, and dragged me into the girls bathroom. "What the hell were you thinking?!" She shouted. "What?" I ask, laughing. 


"The guy you just kneed in the fucking balls is the toughest, scariest, mkst dangerous guy in the whole damn town! Hes in a gang with the four other dicks you just basically told off! Cat, he is so dangerous. You have to stay away from him." I realize she is being serious. "Oh shit."


She nods. "What do I do?!" I start to panic. "Stay away. Hes going to be pretty mad." I sigh. "So, whats his name?" I ask. "Zayn Malik." It really fits him. Sadly, hes probably the hottest guy here. I walk out of the bathroom, and look around. "What if he like ... murders me?!" She laughs. "He wont murder you." I nod. We go to our first class, and I see no sign of Zayn or his group,. I relax for a bit. 

I didnt see him or his group the rest of the day. I go outside the school, and see him and his gang or whatever leaning against the brickwall smoking. Only a few of them. I try to avoid them by going behind trees in the courtyard, but after a minute I see one of the guys disspeared. I feel two hands wrap around my waist, and I jump. "Found ya princess." A guy whispered in my ear. He dragged me over to their group and throws me inside the circle they made.


He pushed me so hard I fell on my butt. I snap. "Um, excuse you but when did you get the right to touch me?" They all chuckled, amused. "When you kneed me in the balls." Zayn said. "Im still quite mad about that." He snaps, walking towards me. "Its your own fault. Touch me, and you get kneed." I sassed. 

"Yeah, well that rule does not apply to me, unfortunately." He smirks. "And whys that?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. "Because darling." He comes right infront of my face, and whispers, 

 "Your mine"

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