Captured heart (Dark Zayn Malik Fanfic)

He was bad. I was good. He was heartless. Until he captured mine.


6. Scared


"I belong to no one!" I shout. He smiles evily. "You belong to me. Your going on a date with me tonight." I take a step away from him. "Hell no." I snap. "Ok. You know ive met you little sister Manda. Shes such a cute little thing. It would be a shame if something happened to her." He smirked. "I took a step so I was close to him. I was pissed, how dare he threaten my family?!


"I swear If you touch her, I will kill you. And your dumbass friends." I say. He just smirks. "Ok. Ill pick you up at 8." I roll my eyes and walk off. I got home and shouted, "Manda! Where are you?!" "In the kitchen bitch!" She shouted back. I laugh and go into the kitchen. "So I have a date tonight," I said to her as she stuffed her face with oreos. "Cool. With who?" She asked.


"This guy at my school. Zayn." I roll my eyes at his name. "Malik?" She asks, her mouth open a little. "Yeah." I say. "Oh. Ok. Uhm. Be safe, and be back by ten please." I laugh. "Sure mom." I roll my eyes. She laughs and I go upstairs to get ready. My phone buzzes and I look at the unknown number. 


'From: Unknown. 

Hey baby, wear somthing sexy. xx -Zayn'


I type in the new contact and stare at the text. Somthing sexy. Hmm. I look in my closet and find a classic black dress. 3/4 inch sleaves, lacy, and it comes mid thigh. Ok. So im not the skinniest girl in the world. Im a volleyball player so im a little.... thick? I dont even know. But anyway. I slip on some heels, and pull my hair to the left. I go into my bathroom and put on some eye liner, mascara, and foundation. Im ready!! Yeah I dont really want to go all out for Zayn. 


I look at the time, 7:48. Great only 12 minutes left. 12 minutes of freedom. Uhg. I text Dylan on my phone, and laugh at his stupidity. I hear a knock on the door, and run downstairs to see Amanda standing there havig a staredown with Zayn. "Hey!" I shout walking into the room. "Hey babe." Zayn moves his eyes up and down me. "Damn." He whispers. "Have her back by ten. Got it?!" Amanda snaps. 


Zayn smirks, "Sure, whatever." He grabs my arm and drags me to his car. "Heres how ita going to work. You obey and listen to me, or there will be punishment. Ok?" I stay silent. He pushes me against the car. "Fucking answer me." He growls. "Ok." I whisper. "Good." He opens the door and I get in. He shuts it and I whisper to myself, 



"What the fuck did I get myself into?"


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