Captured heart (Dark Zayn Malik Fanfic)

He was bad. I was good. He was heartless. Until he captured mine.


9. Pissed off


  The next day was Friday. Yes!!! The weekend is coming! I got up and got ready for school. 


Shorts with fringe and a Batman tee with my superman converse.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and made some breakfast.


My parents where going on a trip because apparently they need a 'break'.


"Manda!! Get up!" I scream up the stairs. "I am bitch!" She screams back. I laugh. 


She comes down in black skinnies and a dark blue shirt with a cool design on the front. 




She sat on one of the stools. 

"Made breakfast." 

I smile. I give her poptarts because she doesnt eat real people food. I made eggs and bacon.


We ate then went to school. As we walked in the halls went silent. Everyone stared at Amanda and me untill we got to our lockers. 

"Fuck off!" Manda screamed


People started talking right after. We opened our lockers and got our books out. "See ya at lunch?" I ask. She nods and we go our separate ways.


****At lunch****


We grabbed our lunches and sat at a table with Abbi and her friends Lily and Josh. We talked while we ate. 


Josh was hilarious and adorable. Brown hair, brown eyes a smile that could make you melt, earrings but he could pull them off.

I must say...


He was hot. 


Abbi, Manda and Lily where in their own conversation so he nudged me and whispered


"Hey Cat. Uhm, I was wondering if you wanted to uhm... go out sometime?" 


I smiled at his nervous voice and whispered back.


"Sure." He smiled wide and looked ahead. 


"What are you so happy about?" 

Abbi asked Josh.


"Oh uhmm. Nothing, just smiling." 

Josh blushed. Abbi looked at me and shrugged. We continued eating and laughing untill....


"Hey Catherine!"

 Oh no. I turn around and see Zayn and his 'posse'. Liam smirked at me. Why would Zayn and Liam even be friends? Im so confused. 


"What do you want?" 


Abbi snapped. She obviously wasnt scared. 


"To see my girlfriend." 


Zayn smirked at me. Josh looked disappointed. 

"Um no. Im not your girlfriend." Josh smiled a bit.


"Babe. You dont have a choice."


I stand up, pissed off. I go up to him and shout, 

"Yes I do! You dont own me Zayn! You cant tell me what to do!" 


I storm out of the cafeteria and go out the school doors and head home. I dont even care if I miss school. 


My parents arent home anyways. I get home and get a text from an unknown number. 


'From: unknown hey, if you dont have plans come to this adress at 8. Im having a party. P.S. Bring Amanda please. -Niall'


I sigh. It was almost 3. I heard the front door open and hear Manda shout up the stairs.


"HEY! CAT? Where are you?! I kicked him in the balls for you!"


I laugh at the thought of Manda, 5 feet tall, kicking Zayn, almost 6 feet tall, in the balls. 

She opens my door and sees me on the bed and smiles. 


"I really hate him."


"I know. Me too. And by the way, Niall invited me to a party tonight and said to bring you." 


I wiggle my eyebrows and laugh with her. She crosses her arms and sighs then smirks.

   "Fine. Lets go. Im gonna find you a guy."



            Heyyy guys:D So, ik, shitty update. But I promise the next one will be long. Whats gonna happen at da partyyyy? x) So anywho, LIKE, COMMENT AND FAV.!! Any feedback would be good. 

  I love yall! ^-^ ♥


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