Captured heart (Dark Zayn Malik Fanfic)

He was bad. I was good. He was heartless. Until he captured mine.


3. New home, new school

 We arrived yesterday in Bradford, and it really is quite beautiful. We moved a lot of our things in the house already, and we have things we need, like a tv, microwave, refrigerator, things like that. Today was my first day of school.... Yay!!! (note the sarcasm) And I knew no one. Great.

I got dressed in skinnies, and a a batman tee shirt. I grabbed my black vans and kept my hair wavy. I had dark brown hair with light brown highlights. I had light brown eyes with a hint of gold in them. Everyone loved my eyes for some reason.

I ran down the stairs, and ate, then shouted a bye to my parents. I ran out the door and walked about half a mile and arrived at my school. High school. Perfect. Just.... perfect. I sigh, and go through the door. I come face to face with a way to happy looking girl. 

"Hey!" She shouts. "My name is Abbi! Ill help you around school today since your new!" I smile. I like this girl. "Hey im Catherine, but call me Cat." I smile. She pulls me to the office and i get my schedule and locker combination. She smiles as she looks at the sheet.

"We have all but two of our classes together!" She exclaims. "Cool!" I say. She leads me to my locker and says, "Ill be right back i have to get some books." I nod and she leaves. I hear laughter and someone shouting and groaning down a hall. I walk over, curious. I see five guys surrounding a kid thats on the floor. The kid groans, andone of the guys punhes him. I gasp at the sight. Oh hell no. These stupid ass bitches think they can bully people?

Uh, no.

I run over to them, and they punch the guy again. "Hey!" I shout. "What the fuck are you doing?!" They whirl around, and look at me wide eyed. "Damn." The one with jet black hair says, biting his lip, looking me up and down. I glare. "What the fuck are yall doing?" I shout. I look at the kid on the floor and give him a 'Get the fuck out of here.'  look. He slips away, and I turn my attention back to the five boys mentally undressing me.  

Thats not weird at all. "Well, we were in the middle of something but it looks like we can spare some time for a sexy ass like yours." Curly said. I roll my eyes. "Dont roll your eyes, its unatractive." Jet black hair said. "And why would I care if you think im attracrive or not?!" I shout. "Because love. We can make your life hell. And since your the new girl, who wins in this situation?" I scoff. "Well me, naturally." I say smirking. "Sassy, I like it." Stripes said. I roll my eyes again. "Lads, can you leave us alone for a minute?" Jet black hair says. The other boys smirk, and walk away. Jet black hair walks around me, studying me. "What do you want?" I ask, annoyed. He comes close and growls in my ear. "Now. I want you."



A/N: Ohhhhhhh crap! Shits about to go downnnn!!! Please comment, like and fav.

I love yall so fucking much!!! <3 



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