Captured heart (Dark Zayn Malik Fanfic)

He was bad. I was good. He was heartless. Until he captured mine.


13. Date.

 SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOO SORRY FOR THE LONG ASS WAIT. I HAVE BEEN SUPER BUSY WITH VOLLEYBALL AND FAMILY STUFF. BUT I TWISTED MY ANKLE :( SO I CAN UPDATE!!! :) SO YA why am I writing in caps??? aha oh whallee. So anyway, heres another chappie for yall.

Love you! <3 -Cat




 Im on my way to the park right now to meet Josh and im sooo excited. Was it a date? What if im over dressed? Cmon Catherine, your over thinking it. I slam into someone, lost in my thought.

"Hey watch where-"

I look up. Louis.

"Oh. Hey Catherine." He smirks.

Hes such a dick. "Its Cat to you."

He chuckles.

"You didn't care last night."

My eyes widen. "What happened last night?"

"You don't remember? Oh. So sad." He smiled evily.

Im literally about to punch him. He comes closer and closer until our faces are inches away.

"What do you want."

"What all us boys want. You sweetheart."

What does that mean?? They all 'want' me?? He grabs my waist and forces his lips to mine while I try pushing him off, with no success. Suddenly he's pushed off me.

"What the fuck mate?!"

Oh shit. Zayn. Louis smirks.

"What the fuck are you doing Tomlinson?!"

"Havin some fun wih this sexy little thing."

Louis replys. Zayn clenches his fists.

"Get the hell out of here Louis or I swear to God I will kill you."

Louis smiles and walks away. Zayn turns to me and smirks. 

"I had it under control, Malik."

I snap. He scoffs. 

"Sure ya did."

I start to walk away, anxious to get to the park to meet Josh. Untill he follows me. I spin around. 

"What do you want?"

He rolls his eyes. 

"Can i not walk around?"

"You cant follow me. Im hanging out with a freind. So it was nice seeing you, but bye." 

I start to walk again untill i feel his arm around my waist, pulling me close to him.

I groan and push him off. He sends me a glare and trails behind me. 

I finally get to the park and see Josh on one of the swings on his phone. I smile at his inner kid. I turn to Zayn. 

"You can go now."

He rolls his eyes. 

"Whatever. I'll see you later babe."

He kisses my cheek, and leaves.  I groan and walk over to Josh. 

"Is this swing taken?"

I smile, cheekily. He looks up smirking. 

"No. Not at all, ma'am."

I laugh and sit down. 

**** 2 hours later****

I laugh at his cheesy joke as we walk towards my house. 

"I had fun tonight."

He smiles. Its dark now so the moon is our only light. 

"Me too. Lets do it again somtime."

He smiles at the ground and i can see a faint blush. 

"Well, this is my stop." I say as we come up to the driveway.

"Nah, I'll walk you up."

He says. "What a gentleman." I giggle.

We approach my front door and look at each other. He studies me for a moment then I move closer and hug him. I inhale his scent. I know, weird. We pull back, smiling. Our faces are inches apart. Cmon Cat. kiss him! A voice tells me. He grabs my waist and leans in closer and closer, untill someone clears their throat. 

"Ahum... Sorry to interupt the moment."

I pull back and see Kyle standing against the doorframe, smirking. 

"Sorry, didnt catch your name?"

Kyle said to Josh putting his hand out.

"Josh. And you?"

Josh shakes his hand and Kyle replys, lifting an eyebrow, inspecting him. 

"Kyle. Her older brother. And i dont appriciate you being all over my sister. Considering I dont even know you."


I whine. He rolls his eyes and Josh mumbles a sorry, it wont happen again.

Kyle was much bigger than Josh. Josh was maybe 5'11 And Kyle was 6'2. Josh was pretty ripped but Kyle was two years older. So obviously bigger.

"See you Josh."

I smile, walking inside, pulling Kyle with me.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Kyle!?"

I shout at him. He rolls his eyes.

"I dont like strangers touching you, Catherine."

I roll my eyes and groan. I stomp up the stairs and slam my door. I almost kissed him. Almost. I shower then put on some shorts and a shirt with a sweatshirt over it. 

I sit on my bed and pull out my phone and start to check my messages. Something hits my window and i muffle a scream. I go over and see Zayn on the ground throwing rocks at my window. I open it and snap,

"What the fuck?"

He smirks. 

"Im coming up." 

"No your not."

"Yes i am."

"No Zayn, my brother will flip." I say knowing i've won.

"Just my luck, huh?"

He smiles evily. what? He leaves my sight and i roll my eyes. I hear a knock at the door. God damnit.

A minute later Kyle opens my door with Zayn behind him. Theyre laughing about somthing. 

"Catherine, why didnt you tell me you didnt finish your project? Its due tomorrow!"

What project?? Ohhhhhh. Zayns too smooth.

"Thanks, man." Kyle says to Zayn and they do the hand shake hug thing that guys do. Wtf are they freinds? Kyle shuts the door after Zayn walks in. I notice Zayn has his backpack.

"Your too fucking smooth."

He smirks. "I know. So. Horror film?"

He pulls out about 6 movies from his bag. 

"What about this project, hmm?"

"Just answer the question."

He rolls his eyes. 

"Sure. You got insidious 2?"

"Course." He pulls out his laptop and sticks the CD in. He makes himself comfortable on my bed and pats the spot next to him. I sit next to him and he wraps his arm around me. Even though i've seen it atleast 4 times it still scares me everytime. Halfway through the movie i catch Zayn looking at me. I look at him and give a confused look.

"Sorry. You're so beautiful."

I blush and look down. He puts his pointer finger under my chin and looks in my eyes. He leans in and i find myself doing the same. Our lips meet and sparks are a understatement. He deepens the kiss and rolls over on me things getting heated. 

"Catherine? Its getting late Zayn needs to go home."

My brother shouts from my door. Zayn jumps off me and stuffs everything in his bag. "Ok hes packing up!" I shout. Zayn fixes his hair and clothes, and i open my door. He pecks my lips. 

"See you tomorrow babe."

He leaves and i shut my door and fall on my bed. 

I think im in love with Zayn Malik.



 Hey guyyyssss! So i decided to tell yall a story. Story timee. Sit yo ass down. haha, so i went to visit my cousin Amada in Va. Beach and we went to this restaraunt called Kelly's Tavern. So we get there and theres no one at the front table where they seat you and stuff. So theres a bowl of mints on the table and we saw this video from Olan Rogers, (Hilarious check him out<<<) And he takes like two handfuls of pillow mints and stuffs them in his pockets so we look at each other and smile and grab two handfuls and stuff them in our pockets XD Then we order and she gets a philly cheese streak sandwich and its sooo greasy so she wants to show me how greasy it is so she starts fricking sqeezing the sandwich and the fucking waiter comes by!!! Her face was so priceless. I look at Amanda and go, wHaT ThE fUCKKk?! We laughed so hard. Then I took like 15 toothpicks for no reason, then we went to Dave and Busters. Ya.,. haha it was great. Just thought i'd share that with you guys. XD.  The things i do in Va. Beach. ^-^ im a crazy mutherfucker ahahahahahah



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