A Secret For Now


1. Mini Heart Attack

So let's tell you the story how I met the boys and how something happened between Harry and me ;)

I'm Harmony 17, senior in High School. Tall, skinny (trust me I'm eating so much I don't know why I'm still so skinny, I hate that.) I have middle long brown hair with blond highlights. I love art and music but if people ask me to sing I won't, because I am extremely shy haha.

It was a usual day I come home and walk into the kitchen where my mom was.

"Hey mom" I said.

"Hey Harmony, how was your day?"

Good I answered

"Hey can you do me a favor?"

"Ya of course"

My mom started telling me about new neighbors and that she wants me to bring them cookies and introduce myself.

Before I left to the neighbors house my mom told me that she has a surprise for me.

She opened her bag and pulled out an envelop. "Open it, open it!!!" She said.

I opened the envelop and I looked in and the were 2 VIP tickets to the one direction concert. The concert is going to be this upcoming Sunday.

Oh gosh I need to but an outfit I said to myself.

I started SCREAMING and crying. I was so happy I just jumped on my mom and hugged her.

"I knew you're gonna get exited" she said. I laughed.

So I walked over to our neighbors house and ringed the bell. *ding dong* I heard a voice say "I'm coming!!"

A middle age women opened the door. "Hello" I said, "I'm harmony your next door neighbor my mom asked me to bring you guys cookies and tell you that if you guys need anything we would be happy to help."

"Oh that's so sweet, I'm Anna. Nice to meet you. Come in."

I walked into the house. She walked next to the stairs and yells "Robin, Harry and Gamma come say hello to our neighbor!!"

I see an elderly man walking down the stairs. Must be Anna's husband. Than a girl walked down. "Harrrryyyyyy!!" Anna yelled.

"I'm coming, I'm coming" he yelled back.

He walked down and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Harry, Harry Styles is my neighbor.

"You okay?" He asked me.

I must have made a confused face. "Ya ya I'm fine, you're y-our're Harry Styles. From one direction. Oh my gosh.

He smiled at me and said "yes that's me"

All I managed to say was "wow"

They laughed.

Harry's POV

As I walked down the stairs to see my new neighbor I saw this really hot girl standing there smiling at me. She's really pretty.

She looked a little confused. So I asked he if she was okay.

She said she was fine.

"That's me" I answered when she asked me if I was Harry Styles. Haha the face she made was so cute when she said wow.

Harmony's POV

I would never ever think that Harry oh my gosh HARRY STYLES would live in my neighborhood.

"Well I'm going to unpack the stuff in the kitchen" ann said.

Robin and Gamma also went back upstairs.

So it was just Harry and me.

"I think I should go I don't want to annoy you guys. I bet you still have a lot to unpack." I said to Harry. I still couldn't believe it.

"Alright I'll walk you" he said and smiled. His eyes are so pretty when he smiles.

He held the door open for me, what a gentleman.

We walked down the street an he asked me how old I was "17, how old are you" I asked him. "22" he answered. "How is it to be famous? Must be crazy huh?"

"Yeah it's a lot of work and it's really hard to walk in public places without people to recognize us" Harry said.

Harry's POV

She's so beautiful her eyes sparkle when she smiles. I want to know more about her.

"Here that's my house" she said.

I grabbed here and hugged her. "It was nice to meet you Harmony" I said.

We look each other into the eyes we got closer and closer and we kissed. I felt right. We both pulled away. "You're cute" I said to her "I hope we can repeat that"

She laughed and said "Maybe" and winked.

She turned around and walked towards her house door. She tired around and said "if your guys kitchen won't be totally unpacked until tonight you guys could come over for dinner."

"We'd love to" I said "bye Harmony see ya tonight.

"Bye Harry" I said with a smile on my face.

As soon as I walked into the house I ran up to my room and got a freak attack.

I ran down stairs. "Mooooom"

"Yes honey"

"Our neighbors are coming for dinner tonight!"

"Oh that's great I'll make some good food"

-3 hours went by-

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