Secrets Behind the Lens

Desiree has always been the shy type. Not the kind of shy that stutters when a stranger talks to her, the kind where she keeps things only to herself and to her trusted friends. She isn’t that fond of a big crowd with a lot of people knowing her personal life. She would rather stay on the shadows and stay out of other people’s business. She isn’t emo either, just plain introvert

Then there's these other people in her life: Luce, Caleb and Dale
Each one with secrets kept hidden deep within them.

When all their world collides, will they risk their secrets to capture a beautiful moment or will it be a hindrance for a chance of finding a love of a lifetime.


1. Introduction


“Des, stop it. You’ve been taking pictures the whole day. Aren’t you tired or something?” My best friend asks in a concerned yet annoyed tone. I rolled my eyes at her


“Nope” Is all I replied and took another shot of her.


“Seriously? Des I want to sleep, you should too, tomorrow is gonna be a big day and we both need some rest” Sensing that I wouldn’t say anything she started pleading


“Please? Can we go to sleep?” She said in a cute voice and did that thing that puppies do when they know they did something bad.

Ugh! I hate it when she does that ‘thing’.

She knows I can’t resist her; after all she’s my best friend I started putting down the camera, on the bedside table. She squinted at me suspiciously for a few seconds before lying down. I quickly grabbed the camera and took a swift snap at her.


“Oh come on!” she huffed and crossed her arms over her chest, showing a little bit of cleave from her tank top. I just laughed at her reaction


“That’ll be the last I promise” her frowned turned into a big grin, she knows once I keep a promise I won’t break it. That’s kind of our pact with each other ‘Promise making, never breaking, sealed it with a kiss’

She made her way under the sheets as I started putting the camera on the table again. I walked towards my closet, ruffled some clothes until I saw my favorite pajamas. I grabbed them and put them on. When I reached the bed, Luce was already fast asleep. So I tiptoed across the room, walking as silent as possible to avoid her from waking up. Last thing I wanted to do is disturb her from her slumber and trust me you don’t wanna know why.

As I reached my destination I exhaled and relief surge through me. I sat across the vanity mirror in front of me, grabbed a brush and started stroking my dark brown hair. I look up to see my reflection in the mirror. I looked horrible, well more liked I look stressed, bags were starting to form under my eyes. I’ve got to get rid of them. As I continued staring at my own reflection I see a different side of me, the real me, the girl with a troubled past and deep secrets kept beneath her.

Who am I fooling

I shove the thoughts at the back of my head, put down the brush and noticed my hair for the first time. Why does my hair really looked good only before I go to bed? Hmph! I shook my head as a soft moan and deep sighing escaped from Luce. I swiveled my head towards her direction.




“Hey Des, why aren’t you asleep yet? And can you please turn off the lights. You know I can’t sleep with them turned on” She spoke tiredly, though her eyes were closed Wasn’t she asleep? I did as I was told and approached the bed beside her. I snuggled with my pillows and blankets, hugging them tightly like I haven’t seen them in ages. After finding a comfortable position to sleep I stared at the ceiling.


“Big day tomorrow huh?” I whispered and inhaled deeply “I hope” I closed my eyes and I entered dreamland.

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