Secrets Behind the Lens

Desiree has always been the shy type. Not the kind of shy that stutters when a stranger talks to her, the kind where she keeps things only to herself and to her trusted friends. She isn’t that fond of a big crowd with a lot of people knowing her personal life. She would rather stay on the shadows and stay out of other people’s business. She isn’t emo either, just plain introvert

Then there's these other people in her life: Luce, Caleb and Dale
Each one with secrets kept hidden deep within them.

When all their world collides, will they risk their secrets to capture a beautiful moment or will it be a hindrance for a chance of finding a love of a lifetime.


4. Captured

Chapter Four


Dale Anderson

I was just there hanging out with friends on our usual spot on the hallway when Luce came out from her previous class.


"Hey Luce" someone called as she passed by.


"Good morning Luce" Another student named Jess greeted her and she smiled in return.

Or was it Kate? Nah doesn't matter.


Every morning -- no scratch that -- every time she passes by, people keeps greeting her and she never gets tired of returning the favor. How does she do it? I mean as you know, I’m a popular first rank kid and only a few people greet me, excluded those screaming and gawking girls. My guess is maybe I just don’t care about those lower rank kids and others; I only care about my friends.


Luce is really kind to all and that’s why everyone likes her and I used to be one of them. We used to date but something happened and well, it didn’t turn out well. It was entirely my fault at first. I made a mistake, thus our first break up. I was determined to pursue her again after that since I was sure of my feelings for her. I knew I really loved her but she was so hurt that she kept on rejecting me until that one time when I had a greater chance of getting her back – that was it, the moment I’ve been waiting for – but then once again, it didn’t end well and I’ve had enough. Ugh! Let’s just stop reminiscing unwanted memories. I don’t want to get in a bad mood.


“Hey hottie” Whoa! A Brunette showed up in front of my face.


Where did she come from?


“Hey man! Coach called for us. Baseball meeting” Earl tapped my shoulders


“Yeah! Yeah! Go ahead. I’ll be up in minute”


“Oh Hey?” I now faced the girl in front of me. Who is she? She looks familiar.


“You don’t know who I am?” she challenged me


“No- I…I know you. You’re…uhmm…k-Kate? Kate right Kate” Yep! She’s definitely Kate


“Seriously? Kate?” she scoffed. Or not


“No I mean. Jasmine? Correct?” I tried giving her my famous smirk that makes girls go crazy just to end this conversation 


“Uh-huh” But didn’t work on her. How come?


“Christy?” she shook her head impatiently.


 “Kim?” her right eyebrow raised


 “Layla? Jennifer? Nicole?” I asked quite irritated. She still shook her head, quite amused of what was happening.


‘Damn! Just tell me your name already and get it over with’ I spoke to myself


“That’s a lot of girls’ name. You dated all of them?” She asked with a chuckle.


“None of your business, ok?” Geez, I really hate it when people stick their ass with other people’s business. You don’t own me woman.


“Sorry, just asking.” She raised her hands in surrender and continued talking.


 “So wanna hang out after school and you know, do stuff? Pretty hardcore last night eh” She touched my arm flirtingly and for the first time I felt uncomfortable with it.


“Oh! So you’re the chick from last night. I remember you now” the annoying chick from last night. Thinking of it makes me want to run away from her for my life! Not that I’m scared of her. She’s hot and an obvious b*tch but I can tell that she’s one big ‘choking hazard’.


“Finally!  Any plans?” She asked with a sexy, low and seductive voice. Then she caresses my arm up and down. NO. I’M NOT GONNA BE SLEEPING WITH THIS SEDUCTRESS. No one’s getting laid tonight or tomorrow or whenever. If I weren’t annoyed I would’ve been tempted and I would have gone with it. But what the hell?


I took her hands away from my arm, gaining me a confused look from her.


“Uhm….Oh hey Luce!”  I greeted Luce when she’s a few meters from us. Thank God she’s there. I’m saved.


“Hey Dale-” She greeted back at me then turned to annoying chick “-and Dale’s friend” She smiled at annoying chick and annoying chick scoffed in return.


“Oh. The ex-girlfriend” She rolled her eyes “What do you want? We’re in the middle of something here”


“Can I please talk to dale?” She asked politely “And it’s so obvious that he’s not interested in you so, shoo” That’s Luce in her bitch mode. Not good.


“Bitch” And with that, annoying chick left.

Aww, I thought I’d witness a catfight today.


“Another one of your whores?” Luce asked direct-to-the-point. Ouch.


“What do you want Luce?” My mood suddenly shifted.


“I want to talk to you” not this again.


“We’ve had enough talking already” Okay I’m getting annoyed. Again.


“No we didn’t. It just involved screaming and cursing” she crossed her arms.


“Get to the point”


“Let’s talk somewhere private”


“Why not here?”


“Too crowded, come on” She pulled me away from the hallway which gave us multiple curiosity looks from the people near-by. Then she suddenly stopped walking.


“Now talk!” I said flatly.


“About us-” Her glowing eyes turned sad.


“We’ve established that already” I cut her off


“Yes you said we’re over but how about what happened last summer. It was-“


“It was great but that was it. Nothing more nothing less” That went out a bit harsh but I have to let Luce know the truth or she might expect something out of what happened.


“How about the night you said you still love me and wanted us to be together again” Now this really pisses me off. I just wanted this to be over. I don’t want to go back to that memory again.


“Damn Luce! I was drunk! Hell, I don’t even remember half of what happened that night” I lied. I mean this is getting tiring. This issue is going on in circles and she has not gotten over it yet.


“But you don’t-“


“Besides you were with that boyfriend of yours, Caleb” Thinking about it still makes me mad even though It’s now over between me and Luce.  


“What? He’s not my boyfriend. What makes you think that?” She asked with a slightly defensive tone.


“You two seem like it” I said it while trying to contain my anger.


“Wait, are you jealous or something?” Her expression seemed shocked and there was a little trace of hope forming in her face.


“Me? Why would I get jealous with pointless matters, It’s such a waste of time” I answered. Honestly, I was jealous back then before I managed to just switch off my feelings for Luce. But it’s all gone now, leaving only traces of bitterness from the past.


“Could we stop talking about Caleb, he has nothing to do with this” Why is she even protecting Caleb?


“Are you sure? You two seemed cozy the whole summer” I scoffed.


“No we don’t. He was just visiting his grandparents there for a week or so” I can’t listen to this.


“Ha! You’ve earned it Luce. You we’re with Caleb while you were screwing it with me? Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t beli—“






I felt a throbbing pain radiating through my left cheek. I heard Luce gasp like she regretted slapping me in the face. A smirk formed on my lips as I faced her


 “So it is true then” I exhaled deeply all my exasperation.


“It was perfect Dale, that summer. We were both happy. At least that was what I thought, and then you changed and started hooking up with different girls every night” she said with a hurt expression in her face. I should be guilty of it but I had no choice – or maybe I do have a choice – but I had to find an outlet for all the horrible pain I felt and I wanted to get back at her for betraying me.


That summer, when everything was almost perfect, I was so close to getting Luce back after our first break-up, I was so determined to continue pursuing her even rejecting me thousands of times then finally that night happened and we were happy – or so I thought. Then that son of a b*tch, Caleb suddenly appeared in the picture and ruined everything. That time, I sensed that she liked Caleb. I saw how she looked at him, aware of how they grew closer to each other. If I knew better, maybe she was rejecting me for that jerk and it really hurt.  I found ways to get over her and shutdown whatever little feelings for her that’s left inside of me.

 Now she wants me back? After all the pain and hurt and rejection I got from her? Why only now? After I have finally deleted my feelings for her?



“Because fucking Caleb came” I mumbled under my breath hoping she didn’t hear it


“What?” Luce was obviously confused.


“You’re right I changed a lot over that summer, after rejecting me for the nth time”


“And I told you I regretted everything. I accept you and your apology now. Please come back to me Dale” she pleaded, willing to take me back.

I wanted to accept her back but somehow I can’t. Not anymore. My feelings for her were long gone. Though bitterness still bites me at times, I want her to move on too and be happy.



“It’s not anymore that easy Luce. Things are now different –not the way they used to be” I wanted to convince her but she’s just too stubborn.


“It will be. Just give it a try. Please”


Damn! How could I convince her that this is all over? And I got already tired of trying to win her back. I’m determined to end it once and for all. I have to do this.



“No, Luce. I can’t be with you anymore.  I already have someone new” There. I’ve said it.


Luce didn’t respond after that. She tried to say something, open her mouth but nothing came out. I can see tears forming in her eyes ready to fall. I wanted to hug her that moment and stop her from crying but I can’t do that anymore. I tried to reach for her – which was a stupid move – but then she wiped her eye, turned back and walked away. She said nothing. Ok. Maybe what I said was harsh or maybe it was a bad move. No. I believe what I did was the right move. I have to stop her from hoping that we could still be together—no false hopes.

Damn! I have to really find that someone before she finds out that I just lied.



I was walking through the corridor when I saw Desiree, who was Luce’s friend. Upon seeing her, I suddenly have this crazy idea – for her to talk to Luce and convince her to get over me. And so I approached her.


“Hey Des!” I smiled as I greeted her.


“What do you want Dale?”  She asked, sounding uninterested with a frown forming on her face.


“Can I not get a frown every time we see each other? It makes me think you really hate me that much” I teased her – though it really was true – how Desiree always frowns at me whenever our paths cross or each time I approach her.


“Well what do you think?” she scoffed.


“Ouch! That hurts” I pretended to be hurt which is a very effective way to tease her even more. I mean she’s cute when she’s irritated – and I don’t know why she gets irritated and annoyed easily by my presence –maybe she likes me? That’s a funny thought there.


“Stop being childish. Get to the point” she said with an irritated look. See? Effective.


“Geez! Why so grumpy” I commented.


“I should be going” She rolled her eyes and turned back. There is no way I’m letting her go. Hell I have to stop her. I grabbed the strap of her bag.


“Wait! Wait. Fine, I have a favor to ask” I sighed and let go of her strap. I looked at her awkwardly since I don’t really go asking people favors unless they’re really close friends – and because Des and I don’t have that kind of relationship.


“Whoa! Time out! Almighty Dale Anderson asking a favor from me? Well that’s the first” I can clearly hear the sarcasm there.


“There’s a lot of stuff you don’t know about me Miller” I said defensively while being serious -- deadly serious.


“And I don’t plan to uncover one of them. Now, excuse me. I have a class to attend to” she said with impatience. She really does hate me.


“It’ll be just a sec” I assured her.


“If this is one of your foolish games I swear--“


“No it’s not” I cut her off.  Damn. Can she just listen to me and calm down even for just a moment?


“Then what is it?” she was tapping her right foot on the ground impatiently waiting for me to answer.


“I want you to tell Luce to stop bugging me” I started.


“Why? Last time I checked girls were bothering you and you didn’t care about it” she sarcastically said. She still right though.


“You know I have a history with Luce”


“Go talk to her yourself. I don’t want to be involved in this” She stopped foot-tapping and rolled her eyes. She was about to turn her back on me once again


“You don’t want to say no to me” I warned her – more like scaring her or both – which ever will work.


“And what are you going to do? Force me to be your girl slave? She sounded irritated, her attention now focused on me.


“If that’s what you want?” I teased her.


“What? No! Ew” she made a disgusted expression on her face which was so hilarious that I almost laughed. Good thing I controlled it since I badly needed something from her.


“So are you going to talk to Luce?”


“No” she said with a firm reaction.


“Why not?” I raised my eyebrow. Just say yes and let’s be done with it.


“Because you’re a jerk”


“No I’m not” what? I didn’t even do anything to her -- aside from teasing her. It’s not even big of a deal.


“Yes you are” seriously. Her eyes are piercing through mine.


“No I’m-- ok fine I’m a jerk! So can you talk to Luce now?” I slightly gave up just so this hard-headed girl will do it. Man!  She so--!


“NoPe!” she emphasized the P sound in the end while shaking her head. Is she playing with me right now? It seems like she’s enjoying her little revenge. Ugh! I have to stay calm – and polite.


“Please” I pleaded. I’m actually serious this time.


“Really? The word please is in your vocabulary?” now she’s mocking me.


“Fuck Des. I’m not kidding around here” What the f*ck is with her? I’m running out of patience.


“I’m serious too, Dale” her face and tone were once again serious.


“Fine. What do I have to do to make you talk to Luce? Say anything” I guess I’ll have to do this. Like they say ‘Everyone has a price’. I bet I’ll catch her this time and convince her to do it.


“You’re not worth my time” ouch. That went straight to through me. Damn! She’s a tough deal


“Argh! Well I don’t want to come to this but I have no choice. Dot it or I am going to expose a secret of yours” I watched closely for her reaction and saw her eyes widened as it was obvious that she didn’t see it coming. Then her reaction shifted, calmed.  Really Dale? Black mailing. That’s so not my fucking style but I’m just doing this out of desperation. Though I wasn’t bluffing because I really do know something about her – a secret she’s hiding from anyone, even from Luce.


“What are we, like 5? Go tell everyone I don’t care” she said with confidence. I’m sure she was thinking that I was just bluffing, unaware of the seriousness of my voice.


“Your call” I was about to walk away when a crazy idea popped-out.


“Wait! This just occurred to me. Forget everything I said. I have a new proposal to make”


“Ok what is it this time?” she sighed, tired of hearing me out.




“I’m making you my girlfriend.”



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