sugar daddy

Hayley Roberts was just a normal woman. But, when she spends 3 years with 1 direction, she makes they biggest mistake of her life. Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall could possible be the father of her child. The only question is: Who? When her boyfriend kicks her out she turns to the only people who love her still: One Direction...
But is moving back in with them the safest move to make?? How will they take the news of her being pregnant??
Find out in who's the father?


47. 44. Perfect Love....

They boys ran into my room at about half eight and were singing Best Song Ever at the top of their lungs. I dived my head under but fell out of bed in a top and shorts.

"And we danced all night to the BEST SONG EVER!" they sung-yelled.

Liam pulled me up and got me singing with him.

"And I think it went..."

"Oh oh oh! Yeah yeah yeah!!" I sung.

We all ended and harry got me on his back and was jumping around.

"Ahhhh! Harry, put me DOWN!"


Eleanor was on Louis' back and Perrie on Niall's. Zayn fell on Liam and they were fighting and I slipped off Harry's back and landed awkwardly on Zayn.

Perrie and Eleanor said they needed to go.

"So sorry but I have rehearsing to do. I can't make Paris. I'm SO sorry."she said pecking Zayn on the cheek.

She drove off.

"I have to go too. Might be able to do Paris. Not sure. Having a family crisis. See you later babes. Bye Hayles."

She drove off following Perries car and left me and the boys in the living room.

I had my head on Liam's shoulder. Zayn and Niall were playing on the Xbox and Harry was talking to Liam. Louis was yelling things over the phone.

Eleanor : what are you going to name the baby?

I decided to ignore her text. Not to be mean but I was a) very comfortable and b) I didn't know.

Me and Liam never talked about it. I don't know. I didn't think about it.

Harry distracted my thought with a question.

"Hez."he began. That is my new nickname. Hez or Hayles. That's what they call me. Or sometimes they call me Haz but it's not that often and it gets confusing. They said about calling Harry Hazza and me Haz but it never really caught on.

"Hezzy?"he said again.

"Yeah?"I said with minimal movement.

"What are you calling your little 'bump',then?"

I shot Liam a look and he sat upright and gestured for me to sit on his lap. I sat up and onto his lap. He put his head on my shoulder and so I gave him a quick peck on the lips making him smile.

"I don't know. Never really thought about it."

"I quite like the name..."Harry began.

"Maisy."me and Liam said at exactly the same time.

"Ohmygod! Freakyyy!"Harry said.

"I know. Must be a sign."Niall said.

Liam looked at me and I nodded.

"Ok, Maisy for a girl and what about a boy?"

"I've always liked the name Taylor..."Liam said.

The door knocked.

"Cute but shouldn't we all have a say?"Harry joked.

Liam opened the door and a woman with a uniform on with a package glared at us.

"Nurse Montaz?"

"Hello. Could I speak to Hayley Roberts please?"

"Sure how come?"asked Liam suspiciously.

"I have the DNA results..."she said.

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